Birthday Part 2–5: Eat your Birthday Away

So after my Buffalo Wings I have forgotten updating where I had my dinner afterwards. If you are following me on Foursquare you will see. hahaha

Read Part 1 here.

PART 2: Tokyo Café

Tokyo Burger


So here’s the story, consuming 1/3 of my burger I found a hair embedded in the bun so I called the waitress and discreetly told her about what I saw. She brought my burger to the Kitchen and examined. She returned saying that she’ll replace the whole burger. OMG! I am full already so I asked her to just wrap it for take out.

Upon getting our bill we noticed that it was free.

I am not saying what happened because I am really mad about the incident. It was not really a big deal for me because I love Tokyo Café so much and once in a while the cook/chef will make mistakes and I am sure they won’t let this happen again. Smile

Part 3: Tokyo Tokyo

No Photo for this day because I went to Trinoma just to get my Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Trial Kit.

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal

I ate Tempura & Vegetables Bento with California Maki while the boyfriend tried the new Ramen in Braised Pork.

Then I ran to Cubao just to catch the bus on my way home.

Part 4: Pizza Hut Bistro

This is my favorite because it’s like a candle lit dinner. Red heart

Pumpkin Soup

Hut Patata

Hawaian Supreme


Chocolate Dip

I like everything except for the Hut Patata because I love Mojos from Shakey’s more. Then the Chocolate dip was funny because the menu said “Fruits in season” then they served a tangy mangoes. haha 

Part 5: Café Breton

No photo again, this is the tough part of my birthday because we are both in a grumpy mood. I planned to get orders from their house as I need to cater to my buyers but the MRT disappointed me. As usual I do not have much time to loiter around quezon city and laguna. So we grabbed Tuna Melt Sandwich, Taco Dog, and my Café Legois (I think MOA tastes better, I mean the mix).

Here comes the actual day…

Vianesse Mocha Cake Contis

My friends refused to have a camping in our house maybe because it’s really far and I didn’t know that the boyfriend is planning a surprise visit. I do not want to stay at home so I attended a beauty blogging event.

The Beauty Junkee, Project Vanity

I met the beauty blogger pioneers, Liz and Martha,  (I wanted to call them Ms. Liz or Ms. Martha) haha as well as other beauty bloggers that I often talk to online. I was also with my high school classmate Lea.

So I spent my birthday going around the metro. I had fun (even if sad).

I didn’t know that living outside the city is tiring. How I wish the camping came true. Oh well, my partner is still my partner and my best friends are still my best friends.

I am now 23 years old.

Cheers for more years to come. Sorry if this became a personal blog again but I am sure you will find food here.

Happy Birthday to me! Thank you for reading.



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