Discover the new Twitter

Last night I was cleaning my inbox and received a newsletter from twitter announcing its new features.

Just this morning I gave it a try. They made few changes in your profiles. This how my twitter look now.

new twitter

If you remember the first change months ago was they moved the sidebar from left to right and some icons. I found the new GUI more attracting.

Today they offer header for your profile page as well as new photo reel.

In the header you can upload an image 1200×600 pixels up to 5MB. What I like about it is that I can reposition the photo in all directions (I am comparing it to the Facebook cover photo) and I can zoom in/zoom out the photo.

I decided to use my beauty website’s logo for my header for promotion purposes.

Overlaying with the new header is your display photo, Name, Twitter Username, and your short bio.

I am liking the vibe of the new twitter. Are you too?

Let me know what you think below.



Your comments will make my day!

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