Street Maniac: Isaw, Bilog, atbp. (Grilled Animal Innards)

I am planning to make a separate blog which will feature different street food in the Metro. I watched several segments of Jessica Soho’s show and I find it interesting to begin my own quest and eat, eat, and eat.

Street food has always been my favorite but I am worried that my camera will be stolen if I took photos on the streets (paranoid).

I tried to cook these at home but technically it tastes wrong. I never asked the vendor regarding the ingredients but I know what is missing, GERMS!

Kidding aside, I wish to forget the ecoli content of these street offerings and savor the moment.


These are grilled intestines of pork and chicken.

When it comes to the concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Filipinos are well known for resourcefulness. All parts of Chicken and Pork can be eaten, even innards.

I am sure this is not as exotic as Bizarre Food episodes, right?

This is best paired with spicy vinegar and special sweet sauce. The charcoal gives distinct flavor and the fact that it is eaten on the streets makes it more inviting.

I do not advise to eat this everyday because they say grilled food contains carcinogens. Better yet drink lots of pineapple juice and eat veggies to wash away all left over in our own intestines. Hot smile

As always, what’s bad always taste good, right? Masarap ang bawal.  

Let me know if you want me to pursue my street maniac adventure in this blog or in a separate one. I promise to document how this is made.

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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