#Likeapogi–Ramon Bautista

Hello there is a lot of rain going on in the Metro and I want to eat spaghetti. Open-mouthed smile

Today I will share a campaign being by the #1 Men’s Skin Care. I don’t know if ambassador is the right word for the person who is leading the campaign and/or the face of the campaign. I feel positive posting this because I do like Ramon Baustista. I used to listen on their radio show called “Brewrats” in RT 99.5 before with Tado and Angel and I tell you they are hilarious. I find my self laughing alone.

I even search for the Brewrats Vocabulary.

As for the campaign for those who do not know what Pogi is, Pogi means handsome in Filipino same as Gwapo. Oftentimes Pogi is used in a sarcastic manner when a person is acting to be handsome. “Ang pogi ni manong, lakaaaas”

But what does POGI really means…

Confident. Achiever. Responsible. Witty. Sensitive. Passionate. Committed. Meet the new breed of pogi. These days, being pogi is more than just having naturally good looks, it’s about having the right attitude that truly makes the difference.

Reading the statement above from the campaign it does describe Ramon Bautista. hahahaDSC_0075

He shows what being pogi is all about. A multi-talented achiever, comedian, filmmaker, producer and U.P. film professor, he proves that it’s the character and confidence that makes the man. After all, a handsome man is but an empty shell for a big personality!

So don’t just be a pretty face, be #LikeAPogi! Just like Ramon, put your personality at the forefront and charm your way to the top with wit, humor, and dashing confidence just #LikeAPogi!

I guess you should watch the video to find out more.

Enjoy watching!



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