Your Cable Girl

If I haven’t told you yet,  I am working as a project assistant in Philippine Cable Television Association, the umbrella organization of the cable operators in the Philippines. Of course the company has nothing to do with my extra curricular activities, right? I just want to emphasize that through my stay in the company I’ve learned so much about the industry.

From issues, programs & content, and even equipment & technology. Speaking about equipment, I stumbled upon Radiall’s Website, to my surprise I believe that they are a one stop shop when it comes to communication.

I am sure many of our members will be interested to inquire about their products. They have Fiber Optics, Antenna, Microwave Components, Multipin Connectors, RF Cable Assembles, RF Coaxial Connectors, RF & Microwave Switches, Space Qualified Components, SPDT Switches, and more.

But Radiall doesn’t just serve the Telecommunication and Cable industry; they are also into Aerospace and Medical. Anything with connection and communication, they have it. Interesting!

Oh well, I think I should invite them to the Philippines to get in touch with locals.

Until next time,



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