Good Samaritan–

As you all know until now I cannot access DISHYSAMMY, my beauty and lifestyle blog. It depresses me to see stats go down as well as its reach, Google even emailed me about the error since I have Google ads.

I read solutions via internet and I am surprised that someone respond to my queries. His name is Jonah Sullivan of I used the contact page tab on his site to reach him.

Surprisingly he replied immediately just to say he got my inquiry and will look at it. Since I live in the East I am sure that I am messing with his rest. Open-mouthed smile

Just to say Thank you for his help and assistance I am spreading his kindness to the world wide web.

Visit his site and you will see a lot of helpful posts regarding web development.

He will respond if you have inquiries and will help you as long as he could.

Though the is still **** up I am hoping I/We could do something to fix it.

I will take this post also to say how disappointed I am with Philweb Services, the customer support takes all their time to respond.

They are not helping me and asking for a fee if they will put their hands on my site. I hope they will reply or else I might start again.

DISHYSAMMY is my cyber pet, I love updating it and sharing my love for beauty. Crying face

Last but the least, I thank my ever supportive BF he is always helping me retrieve the site. In fact he was the one who made the site available again.

How I wish I have studied programming and web development in college.

Hoping for the best,



2 thoughts on “Good Samaritan–

  1. Glad to help as much as I could, Sam! I hope you were able to get things worked out with your hosting provider. Don’t hesitate to contact me again if you’re still having problems.


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