Movie Marathon: StreetDance 2


image from google

So I have wanted to watch the latest installment of the Bourne movie because it was shot in the Philippines and Jeremy Renner caught my eye in the movie Avengers. Unfortunately, the movie house is full so we decided to watch it some other time (wait until it becomes available for download).

Today I said we will watch the first three parts but when we scrolled his external hard drive and found StreetDance instead. I remember the time that I got crazy with dance movies and I want to do all their moves.

My favorite was Honey, Jessica Alba was such a dance goddess in that  movie. Then came Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum in the Step Up Movie, these guys really know how to dance.

I just finished watching the movie thirty minutes ago and I think I should update you guys.

I had Calderata for dinner – another Filipino viand that if you are curious you should wait for my next post.

I hope your Saturday is okay and though some Filipinos haven’t recovered with the wide range flooding days ago; I still wish that you are smiling.

What is your typical Sunday like?




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