What to do when you got stranded? #HagupitngHabagat

The news for the past 10 days is about the non stop rain in the Metro. Although there was no typhoon reported inside the Philippine Area of responsibility, the typhoon HaiKui pulled all the rain it can pull before making a landfall in China.

Can you imagined that? The Metro Manila was under RED signal warning meaning more than 30 mm of rain per hour.

I thought it was an ordinary rain but I was wrong. I tried to go home but got stranded along Pedro Gil and Taft Avenue. The flood can wash away the small car I was riding. 

So below I list down the tips I learned from my experience.


A tip that is easy to read but hard to follow. When we are scared we cannot think but we should not let fear get in the way. We should think of a solution that will let us surpass the situation.

We didn’t know that Taft Avenue was not passable anymore. It was 9:00 pm we could still see the road but seconds after it’s disappeared.

We do not want  our car to be stalled so we stayed inside the car and checked whether we can reverse and find a road that was not flooded.


We pulled out our car in front of the National Library waiting for the flood to subside but the heavy rain started again. We said it’s hopeless for us to wait so we find a place to stay.


We do not know when a calamity like this will strike again and we do not know if it will affect us or not so it’s better to be prepared.

  • Have medicines – paracetamol, loperamide, ibuprofen inside your kit.
  • Bring basic toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, paper soap, tissue, wet wipes, extra underwear, sample size deodorant.
  • Cellphone chargers – at times like this you should inform your relatives that you are fine so that they will not worry about you.
  • Jacket and Umbrella – Protect your self from getting wet.

It is so happened that I was in a event so I only have my toiletries with me. I have used my extra underwear for a prior ‘emergency’ and I haven’t replaced it yet. I left my cellphone chargers at home.

I suggest to have a address book with you just in case you ran out of battery you can find a pay phone and call for help.


We do not want to sleep in the sidewalk and be hungry right? So do not consume your credit limit or empty your wallet.

Since we cannot go home we find a cheap place to stay. They gave us 20% discount since we are stranded.

This is the best thing to do if you cannot home. There a lot of cheap hotels in the Metro where you can sleep and take a shower.

We do not need luxurious amenities in times like this.


Turn your radio on or watch television. Be updated about the weather forecast, flooded areas, and rescues.

It pays when you are in the loop. You will be saved if you are updated.

I am thanking MMDA for replying to my tweets and constantly updating the flooded area.

I also thank DOST_PAGASA, GMA NEWS, DZMM, and other informative SNS account. Without them I will be totally clueless.

The news today said that typhoon Haikui made a landfall and the RED Warning signal was down to Yellow.

The flood has subsided in some areas and the relief operation is continuously done by foundations.

I am praying for everyone’s safety.

Before I end this post I just want to share that during Typhoon Ondoy, I was stranded too, I slept in NAIA Terminal 2.


Am I that unlucky? Sarcastic smile

Oh well, I thank the lord that I am alive and kicking.



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