Home Décor for All Ages

Ten days of Monsoon rains affected almost millions of individuals. I was stranded in Ermita, Manila and got home yesterday afternoon.

I will write a full story on DISHYSAMMY.

As a come back post, check out this cool designs for our home.

It is becoming more common to have multi-generational families living under one roof; this makes it even more important to outfit your home in a way that is safe, comfortable and attractive for family members of all ages. When you are looking for everything from dorm and college bedding along with child-proofing aids and items designed to facilitate senior living you have a lot on your plate; it can be a challenge.


The bathroom is a good place to start because it is unlikely that you will be replacing the sink, tub or toilet, instead you need to work with what you have and make it safe for young and old alike. The addition of bath or shower furniture can make a big difference for parents, children and seniors. When you want to shampoo hair small children can be seated on the stool and you can stand to wash their hair without strain. A bath stool is great for shaving legs and it is especially handy for anyone who wants to sit while bathing or showering as it offers stability and support.

A handheld showerhead is another good addition to any bathroom as it is handy for many things. Shampooing hair is effortless and this can be helpful whether you are washing a child’s hair or shampooing an adult’s hair. The handheld showerhead makes it easy for you to direct the water spray precisely where you want it which is helpful for addressing injuries or enjoying a water massage. Use the handheld showerhead to bathe pets, water plants or even clean the shower enclosure. It is easier for a senior to bathe while seated using a handheld showerhead.

I hope everyone is safe and dry.



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