11 Factors to Success by PJ Lanot

Hello everyone,

I am back to regular blogging. If you see the local and international news Philippines specifically Metro Manila has been submerged to flood. Dams are still in their critical levels and the only way to stop it is to open gates and let it spill over to the cities.

I hope the rain would stop now.

As you all remember I attended the Bell de Jour Rendezvous last July 28, 2012 and part of the program is the talk from PJ Lanot. He discussed the factor to success that I will share with you.

Let’s get started.

  1. Location – Check your place. If you remember our Civic & Culture each region has unique goods that can be sold. Our topography defines what we can do for a living. Ilocos Region for Tabaco, Benguet for Rice, Negros Occidental for Sugar Cane. Wander and look at things that can make you rich.
  2. Situation – I like this part. Check your current situation and use it to be rich. His example was Adele. If she wasn’t broken hearted she will not be able to write the song “Someone like you” and will not win multiple awards.
  3. Time – The saying is right “The early bird catches the worm” If you have plenty of time you can do a lot of things. His example was Tycoon Henry Sy. He wakes up 4 am and sleep late. He works when people are still asleep and keeps on working when the rest of the people will sleep again.
  4. Physical Self – We are all aware of our uniqueness. It’s impossible not to have at least one trait/characteristics that no one else have. Use it and be rich.
  5. Information – Our knowledge doesn’t come with our education alone. Being intelligent is different from being street smart. Read, Watch Television, and pay attention to your surroundings. You never know, you can sell what you know. *evil laugh* I do not suggest for you to blackmail others ok? haha
  6. Talent – The word explain itself. Look at Charice Pempengco her singing talent open the door to Hollywood. A lot of celebrities used their talent to become rich. We must be good at something right?
  7. Experience – I remember old folks saying “Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako” (You are just on your way in and I am about to go out now) If we have been doing something for a long time the implication is that even our eyes are close we could still do it. They have seen almost all the probabilities and they know what to do already. Check out Senior basketball players versus new players.
  8. Networks – Let’s narrow this to Facebook. Check how many friends you have plus the one you have in real life. You know word of mouth? nothing will become something by looking at it alone. No one will be popular in an instant if no one spread it at the first place. Take this in mind, PJ said “No one succeeds alone, people succeed through other people” The person next to you will help you become rich in some ways. By reading my post you help me achieve my dreams (I am thanking you now).
  9. Technology – You will not be able to read this if you are connected to the internet. World Wide Web is contagious we should use technology properly and we will be rich. Do not box yourself in using technology why not innovate like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and other geniuses behind information technology. Our generation now is not far from Matrix, Mission Impossible, and Bourne Movies.
  10. Passion – What do you enjoy doing? Do you remember the time your parents is convincing you to take a particular course and you fought hard just to study what you want? I do. They wanted me to take nursing but this what I told them. “You do not have to take the in demand course to be sure that you’ll be successful. If you love what you do you will make money out of it, maybe not today but tomorrow” I am in the process of doing it now. I will very happy to see you all in my journey. Stop hiding, do what you love to do now.
  11. Money – Investments is a must. Though money is just a piece of paper, we need that paper to survive. Just remember don’t be a slave.

There you go. I hope you read this post by heart, most of PJ’s inputs were truly helpful I added my learning and realizations too.

I will appreciate if you will put comments below.

Be safe & dry,



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