Let’s have a drinking session! by Marga Lagoting

Let’s have a drinking session!

This is my second time to use PRESS THIS button but Marga got my attention.  I am not a beer drinker but I guess coffee really describes my personality.

Marga and Channa is dominating my brain now about what to do next? And no matter how much I want to do something now. I do not know why I can’t walk my right foot forward for just one step.

It is as if I am imprison with my elder’s (PARENTS) belief of what I should do. I thought I know what I want and I can do it at my own time but unfortunately, I still can’t.

My count down to 30 months is really out of sight. I am not a freak for that thing and I swear I never did write anything about the details but I just want it to happen soonest time I am capable of.

Channa told me that vision will remain a vision until you make your move to make it come true.
I am sure they know what I am talking about. haha

Forgive my dramatic post readers quarter life is indeed true. I will be back later after my meeting (we might eat somewhere else).

It is event organizing time for me again.

See you later,



2 thoughts on “Let’s have a drinking session! by Marga Lagoting

  1. I’m not also a beer person. But iced tea is more a best friend to me although I am too much talkative drinking iced tea than the beer. 🙂


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