Blogging 101: Using Publishing Platform to Manage Multiple Blogs

Do you miss my food adventures? I just received this chocolates that I am eating under my table. (You know I am not allowed)

Cadbery Chocolates

Well today I will share a software / application that I use everyday to update my two active blogs at the same time.

Ever since I got serious in blogging I kept on reading and exploring ways to make my life easier.

I discovered Windows Live Writer. Click to start download.

I love using it. Simply because of the following features it has:

  1. You can set categories and tags right away; you can make the post queued too.
  2. You can easily insert hyperlink, images from your computer and web – that you can edit, add watermark, add alternative text, and resize, Photo Album, Video, maps, and emoticons
  3. You can add plugins – I installed twitter notify.
  4. You can choose either to save in your local drafts or upload to your site draft folder
  5. Buttons to access your site, dashboard, and manage comments
  6. You can have view your actual theme when editing and can be easily updated
  7. Spell Check
  8. Word Count
  9. Different view options – Edit, Preview, and Source
  10. Can be linked to your Windows Live Account

And a lot more.

It is like I am just typing a word document and saves my time logging into different blogging sites.

All you have to do is to input your URL, Username, and Password and Live Writer will take care of the rest.

It supports WordPress, Blogger, SharePoint, Typepad, and more.

It comes with the Windows Live Essentials if you are using Windows 7 and for those who don’t just go to the Microsoft Website to download it.

I hope I gave you some idea to make your blogging life easy.

And now I am hitting publish.

Happy Blogging!



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