The Invitation by Jude Deveraux

Taking a break from food fellow readers. I hope some of you are bookworms too. I have been searching for this book for a long time and finally I found it.

It’s as if there was a light shining upon this book while I browse the shelves of Book Sale.

I got it for PHP 97.00 only. Most of my novels came from Book Sale. Aside from Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks which I read from eBook only; I do not mind reading random books written by different authors.

In fact Book Sale has best selling authors like Dan Brown, Daniel Steel, John Grisham, Nora Roberts and more; cheaper than brand new but still readable and intact. (I hope the authors name were right Embarrassed smile)

Most of my books were suspense, crime, and romance.

I forgot to take a photo of it last night because I started reading it. I became interested in this book because while I was browsing love quotes web page, this was quoted.

Love, true love, is rare. It doesn’t happen very often most people spend their lives searching for it and never find it.

I am a certified hopeless romantic and I apply some romantic gestures in my real life. Open-mouthed smile

I will finish this book and eventually post  more quotable quotes. Red heart



P.S. I placed my categories on the tabs above and the pages on the right. Click my header to return home. I super like to share random things about me.

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