Baked Potato Wedges

Pleasant morning to all!

I just remember bf asking me how to make potato wedges and I immediately told him these steps.

  1. Cut the potatoes into wedges
  2. Roll it to your favorite chicken breading
  3. Fry it

And he replied very skeptical saying “is that it?”

and then I ate potato wedges at the mall thinking how it was cooked.


It was sprinkled with barbecue powder with garlic mayo dip. It was from Potato Madness a kiosk found in the SM North EDSA costs PHP 48.00 per serving. It’s quite expensive because the serving is small. So I decided to search the right recipe and maybe try it this weekend.

I realized that Google says Baked Potato Wedges, oh well it’s healthier compared to Fried Potato Wedges right? Here’s the link for the recipe.

If you have links to other recipes on potato wedges let me know below.

What will I eat for lunch today? hihihi I am a little hungry now. Be right back



6 thoughts on “Baked Potato Wedges”

  1. Yum. Yes, baked potatoes is more healthy than fried potatoes. Although that I really like more of potatoes. Try bake the potatoes in chip look-a-like size in a pot. It’s still the same procedure, but the size is much different.


  2. this is among the first recipes i learned back in hs cooking class (or was it grade school haha)… our version was to roll the potatoes in condensed milk then dip it in flour seasoned with salt and pepper then deep fry 😀 Sauce is mayo+ketchup! SARAP 🙂


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