Family Dinner at SumoSam

Hello everyone,

I am so back. How do you like the new layout of this site? I hope you like this more.

So after Sunday mass last night BF asked his Dad for us to try SumoSam. Maybe BF wants me to have a new post for you guys. Open-mouthed smile I can sense it!


This post is a little disappointing because I was too shy taking photos while “in-laws” are eating.

I only managed to capture this tofu,


That I didn’t ate. Surprised smile

We ordered the following:

  1. Tuna and Salmon Sashimi
  2. Chicken Teriyaki
  3. Beef Tepanyaki
  4. Baked Oysters (I am not sure if it’s really baked)
  5. Fish in cream sauce and asparagus
  6. Miso Soup
  7. And the tofu above

I do not know the exact names because I wasn’t in charge with the ordering and I do not want to peak at the price.

I am sure you guys are laughing about this post.

As for my experience, Let us use the thumbs up judging five (5) is the highest and one (1) is the lowest.

  1. The Tuna and Salmon Sashimi is of course love Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs up
  2. The Chicken Teriyaki is delicious they used breast strips. Although I ate only few pieces (because the doctor won’t allow me to eat chicken) Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up
  3. The Beef Tepanyaki… They presented it with sauce which is too salty for me and the beef itself… hmmm Thumbs up
  4. Baked Oyster – Blockbuster for the whole family but for me it’s sour and slimy. Thumbs up
  5. The fish – Oh this fish is delicious. Since fish is bland it goes very well with the cream and asparagus with lemon. Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up
  6. Of course we all know how Miso Soup tastes like. It tastes authentic. Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs up
  7. No comment for the tofu except it was presented pleasantly.

As far as I know each meal costs PHP 200++ less expensive for a Japanese Restaurant I will definitely come back to give you a better review on this establishment.

I am sure you all know that I love Japanese. I already unlocked the “Bento” badge on my foursquare account. Open-mouthed smile

They teased me that I owned the restaurant – It’s Japanese, Sumo (as I am heavy), and Sam (my nickname) BF is hilarious.

Until my next food date,



2 thoughts on “Family Dinner at SumoSam”

  1. sayang walang pictures ng food masyado, pero your words are enough to make me think about food again hahaha! I think hindi ka lang sanay sa oyster, cause it’s really yummy, pero dapat siguro sanay ka nang maapreciate young slimy part bago malasahan yung sarap niya


    1. I ate baked oyster before with cheese. I do not why this one is not delicious. haha

      By the way welcome to my first site. I hope you can browse around I have my travel here and food before migrating all the beauty to dishysammy. Thanks for always dropping by. 🙂


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