Boracay 2012: Beach Activities

As promised I will separate each post. So let’s go to the activities we did.


We went island hopping but I was not paying attention to get all the names of the island. All I remember was the Crystal Cave, Crocodile Island, Carabao Island.


Part of the island hopping was the Snorkeling and fish feeding. My photo is still with my sister-in-law Open-mouthed smile I will have a photo album post later this week.

We bought bread and held it underwater and the fish swim one by one to taste the Nutri Buns we brought.

I saw NEMO, sea urchins, and a school of blue fish.

My last snorkel was like a decade ago when I still know how to swim that was in Lemery, Batangas.

I wish I have an underwater camera perhaps making myself a beach bum and invest. Sarcastic smile


This was our boat Php 2,500 for four hours and snorkeling costs Php 400/pax.

We ate lunch after snorkeling.



We ride the ZORB.

That’s me and my boyfriend inside that huge ball. They will put three pails of water when you get inside and then they will close the ball and push you down the hill.

This is an adrenalin rush adventure specially when the ball changed its direction. I was screaming like there’s no tomorrow. Open-mouthed smile



Me and my boyfriend before the Zorb adventure. Just sharing.

Zorb costs Php 300 – 900 per ride depends on the number of person and kind. The have two kinds I think.

AND. If you decide to share the ball with your loved one be sure that your weight difference is less than 20 kilograms or else…. I don’t know what will happen…. Open-mouthed smile



We went to Fairways and Bluewater for the 325 meters zip line.

Another adrenalin rush.


The weight for each rider should AGAIN be fully distributed to prevent accident.


You’ll end up down there.



We finished our Saturday by swimming with the waves.

Next time we will try Parasailing, Helmet Diving, and a lot more.

I need to save up for this. But I want to visit another place next year before going back to Boracay again. Smile

I will post the FOOD adventure tomorrow and more photos. Be right back

Don’t forget to show me some love below my fellow readers it means a lot to me.




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