Off to Boracay Island

Hey Everyone,

I am bound to Boracay Today. This is a queued post so maybe by the time you read this I am on the plane or just  landed. My flight is 0600H very early via Cebu Pacific. Positive Vibes for delayed and cancelled flights, may they stay away from us.

I will be with BF and his family. yey!

So excited to blog my experience to you.

Will update everyone when I get back.

 Red heart Sammy

P.S. Photo courtesy of Google images.


4 thoughts on “Off to Boracay Island”

  1. going to bora this july with my hubby and 2 kids,,,we got our accomodation in a hotel located at station 2 just near the D’Talipapa,,,any advice for cheap food trips,,,


    1. Hi Fe, Thanks for dropping by. I have a food post regarding D’Talipapa they have restaurants simiilar to Dampa where you will be the one to buy the main ingredients and tell the cook what dish do you want. You can bargain the shrimp, shells, and fish. Just be nice. They are all fresh. Enjoy Boracay!


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