Food Date: Slammer Burgers by Belgian Fries

Hi everyone,

Been eating to this stall 3 – 4 times already and I think it’s worth sharing. It is called Slammer Burgers by Belgian Fries, located at the Landmark Food Choices, 2nd Level, Trinoma.


Apologies for the photo. I do not know why my mobile camera is blurry/foggy maybe because it’s cold. Embarrassed smile

How will I describe the stall?? Hmm they have burgers (different kinds), fish & chips, nuggets, and fries. The set meal is consists of two burgers, fries, and drinks.


The patty is 100% beef. We ordered the Slammer’s Cheeseburger. The patty is delicious as far as my tongue is concern, it has no extenders. They use a small bread, we call it buns here, which I found very unique and for the fries…..

You got to love the fries. They have different dips you can choose from. The dips made them unique – I love dips! Let me enumerate them and let’s test my memory.

  1. Honey Mustard
  2. Roasted Garlic
  3. Jalapeno
  4. Barbeque
  5. Hot Red Bell Pepper
  6. Sour Cream

Surprised smile Oh I think I forgot something. I will drop by the store and peek.

My favorite dip is Roasted Garlic and Barbeque. I wish to imitate the dips. hahaha

Do you want me to do that?

I liked the Iced Tea also because it is not the commercial type iced tea you will get from various food establishments. It tastes like a real brewed tea with honey and ice.

I will congratulate the owner of this stall for coming up with a kiosk like this for burgers.

Hooray! Party smile

Until my next food date,



4 thoughts on “Food Date: Slammer Burgers by Belgian Fries”

  1. reading your blog makes me crave for SLAMMER BURGER 😀 oh so yummy. i also want to taste their cute but delicious burgers.


  2. I will tell my friend that you are congratulating building up a kiosk for burgers. Well, definitely it’s their family business. They also have in other malls. They have in Greenhills, Mall of Asia, etc. I’m trying to express that my friend and I come from the same school we graduate.


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