Loner Lunch: Tempura Japanese Grill

Hey everyone,

I just updated my personal blog and I mentioned that I ate in a Japanese Restaurant alone. Today I am sharing my food trip.

Have you eaten in a restaurant alone? I’ve done so many times and it seems that I enjoy my own company.

I was a little shy to take many photos as the people inside were eyeing on me. Maybe wondering why would I eat in a Japanese Restaurant alone. Surprise I was choosing between Bon Chon, Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak, Pancake House, and Five Cows; it’s hard to choose where to eat when you are very hungry. Am I right? but since I don’t like crowded restaurants, the place caught my attention.

I ordered this.

IMAG0776 Katsudon Bento it’s only Php 208 with 8 oz. Pepsi. I was asking to change the drink to bottomless lemon iced tea but it wasn’t allowed. I do not know why.

Let me describe the verdict of my taste buds.

  • Rice – well cooked for a Jap rice.
  • Veggies – I was surprised that it has pork in it. Usually the veggies are just sautéed in butter.
  • Tempura – Sarcastic the shrimp was not fresh and the tempura batter was harsh on my teeth, overcooked I should say.
  • Katsudon – it was a bit salty for me Eye-rolling but acceptable.

I also ordered California Maki. Party

IMAG0777 I will be disappointed if a Japanese Restaurant failed to make a California Maki, this is delicious, of course it’s my favorite. hahaha

I saw that they have a party assorted sushi plate. I will order that next time for my birthday. haha

I will try their other offering next time.

Who loves Japanese?

Until my next food trip,



2 thoughts on “Loner Lunch: Tempura Japanese Grill”

  1. I love Japanese food! 😀 I have never tried eating alone though, one perk of having kids I guess, you’re never alone anymore. 😛 I’ve had coffee alone, but never a meal. 😀 I should try it sometime.. 😀

    Too bad that the shrimp was not fresh and that the batter was over cooked. 😦


    1. Thank you for your comment. People were looking at me whenever I eat alone. For me eating alone is like having a massage too. 😀 Peaceful.

      I thought the Tempura there was fresh 😦


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