Dinner:Bon Chon Chicken

If you are following my blog I said that we are supposed to eat here and finally the place is not crowded last night. I am talking about Bon Chon Chicken, SM City North Edsa Annex.


They cook the chicken Korean Style. They have two variants the Soy Garlic and Spicy. We ordered the mix and match, thigh/drumstick, half/half. Meaning one part spicy the other is soy garlic.


The skin is so crispy but the rice is small. 😦


For the soy garlic, it is similar to the Chinese Style Fried Chicken of Chowking, although this is more delicious for me. The flavor is just right, not too salty or whatever. But I didn’t quite taste the garlic here.

For the spicy, oh it is spicy! If you have tried the tepanyaki in Yakimix, if my palette is right they used the same spices. Very Korean indeed. But this is not like tabasco spicy ok? It’s acceptable or maybe not too strong for people who eats chili like a popcorn.

The taste is on the skin not too much inside. The chicken is cooked well done, so don’t worry about surprise blood inside. Haha I think it was deep-fried in 100° boiling cooking oil.

The only thing I don’t like is the plate, it’s small and it’s slippery. I hope they can change into a bigger plate (so that we can murder the chicken properly LOL).

By the way, they just don’t serve chicken. Check out my screenshot of their menu from their website.

Taste 4/5

Ambiance 4/5

Service 5/5

Price 4/5

You can find Bon Chon in the following branches:



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