Always a proud MassComm:Lourd de Veyra’s graduation speech for UP MassComm Batch 2012 –

Lourd de Veyra\\\\\\\’s graduation speech for UP MassComm Batch 2012 –

Maybe this is trending right now, I like the speech very much. The link was just pasted to my chat box for me to read. I like Lourd as I find him really funny whenever I watch the “Word of the Lourd” on Sapul sa Singko (now Good Morning Club). I wish I have heard it three years ago (am still in the midst of my career crisis I wish I could figure out what I wanna do in my life sooner, LOL melodramatic)

Just read his entire speech guys.

Wherever school you are, Congratulations MassComm Class 2012.

MassComm rocks. \m/

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