Home Page Error :(

I am not sure if this one will appear in my home page but I am not sure what’s happening with my wordpress recent posts won’t show 😦 HELP.
Just to update you guys I am still constructing my other site, I am also having problems with Parallel Plesk 10, I can’t incorporate a blogging tool so that blogging will be easy. Making the page layout and design via Website Builder presence is easy but I need some elements to add in my homepage (Archives, recent post, recent comments) just like the widgets I have in wordpress.
Should I be frustrated now? I should not. I actually proud of myself because I am doing it alone (of course with some help coming from hubby and encouragement from Momi Jes) *sigh*
I am hoping to fix everything before the month ends.
Any geek out there that is willing to help me? Will appreciate that!