Is blogging a hobby or a job?

*And yes, I haven’t finished my day job task. I was going loco propagating my new blog site, dedicated niche for my style & beauty addiction. (which I hope you will follow, right guys?)*

Anyway, I received an email this morning that definitely made my day. Wanna know what email was that? Let me tell you first how I got that email.

A friend (hubby’s cousin’s wife), too much possession there, is blogging I think since 2007 if I am not mistaken. Her blog is mommy blog, eventually she earns from it and I got interested. I am almost 24/7 online, I update my social networking sites everyday, I even have three blog sites before and I was super enthusiastic about HTML and CSS. I want my site to look and feel me while I am jotting all my rants for the day. Plus, I like pictures, not pictures of me, but my surroundings.

She mentioned me about blog advertising. She gave me site where I can sign up my site and after a week or two I will be able to grab opportunities to write and earn my first “sponsored-post” compensation. Sounds good right? I even invited my friend, Ferry, to do this with me.

I researched how this thing works but I found something else.

Another site,, so I signed up. After a day, my site was approved (I bought my own domain by the way). I checked the site from time to time to check if there’s an opportunity available, they said that’s the way it works. There was an open opportunity, I reserved the opportunity and I had six hours to submit my post.

I complied.

After two days, I received another email. “Your post has been approved”

I check on my account and I saw my total earnings.


So if you want to get paid by writing…. Click here

Happy blogging!



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