Food Post: BAR-B-KING

Well hubby told me to Blog about this cause he was not satisfied with the food we ordered.

We ate at BAR-B-KING, SM Megamall, Bldg. B and we ordered this:


Angus Beef Belly with soup, corn & carrots, Java Rice, gravy, and 12 oz. Drinks. It’s Php 150.00 with rice all you can.

First, the serving was small. Given that it’s a beef it’s expensive. You will be not be able to ask for rice number two because of the size.

Second, once you have tasted angus beef somewhere you can compare, right? For me, it was fatty. Lack of flavors AND it’s not tender. 😦 I had a hard time trying to shred and chew the meat.

Third, the rice was like a fried rice mixed in catsup or bbq sauce. I don’t even like how it was cooked.

Fourth, the gravy (I am a picky gravy eater) too much flour no flavor at all.

The soup was good though.

You can consume it if you are really hungry.

Oh well, we were just exploring food outlets.

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