Health Post: Still a question mark.

Last January 23, Chinese New Year I went back to the doctor and followed up my condition. After interogations she finally scribble a lab request that I have to bring to the nurse’s station. It was TV ultrasound. I was so nervous of what she will find out, I feel that I have hidden illnesses aside from my asthma.

While inside the ultrasound room I am sending flood messages to my bestfriend (Pamela) just to calm myself. We went back to her clinic and printed the results.

The results were I have polycystic ovaries and retroverted uterus. The doctor haven’t explained to me what was that condition all I remember was this line “we need to do more tests” then she prescribe me 10 tablets of sex hormone (Provera) to regulate ovulation.

I went to google and searched for the diagnosis and all I see was these conditions can lead to infertility. I am still young though, science can still do its magic and I will still be a mother in the near future.

After 7 months of not having a period I had it all again yesterday. She’s right Provera does perform magic. Haha

I will come back to her after 7 days I think. And here I am…

Hoping for the best.


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