Friendly Post: Epoch

My first entry for 2012. Not worthy

First, welcome to the Christian World my dear Franceska Zuriel Mallorca Ko. She’s the little angel in the photo above. Very adorable right?

Well, what am I trying to blog about is my realization that the earth is revolving very fast around the sun and my clock seems to skip an hour just to end a specific day.

I remember we were still in college, I think three years ago. We were hanging out at the student lounge looking at Dingdong Dantes’naked butt. We never talked about about having a family nor having a baby, didn’t we?Batting Eyelashes

But look at us now, we are now attending each other’s weddings and baptisms. At least in our group, two of them is a having a baby / had a baby. As for us god mothers we are still in the midst of thinking when our own little angel will come out. Gladly, most of us is going steady with somebody already. Love Struck (except for the person in the photo Big Grin she’s very picky…) Devil

A child changes the perspective as well as the characteristics of the parents. Maybe from a stubborn daughter/son once we had our own child we become mature as we want to nurture our own child to be a good person. We are now beginning to understand our parents way and at the same time improve on it.

I am hoping that when all of us become mothers our children will become friends too and we will have occasional get together catching up with our lives.

I am so EXCITED. Party




2 thoughts on “Friendly Post: Epoch

  1. so touching! def made my morning sammy ^_^.. dun worry we (me and marga) are waiting for you patiently to first get married then get preggy :p. we’ll do our best to keep our little bundle of joys friends (like us) then we’re going to tell them about our bonding moments and all *hugs*


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