Tribute Post: For my Ham & Bacon

December 31, 2009 – July 01, 2011

I remember I wanted a pair of hamsters that year, babe give me Guinea Pigs. At first I was hesitant cause I know I will not attend them 24/7 but why not give a try.

I was so addicted to them, I even joined forum on how to take care of guinea pigs. Bought Stack & Rack for their house, Oat hay, Alfalfa Hay, Vitamin C with dropper. I treated them like my own human child.

When we are still living in a big house, they were in my bedroom, that every time I come home I will let them out of their cage and have them stroll and poop all over my bedroom. I blow dry them whenever their wet, comb their hair, and assemble cute little passages as they want to play all the time.

When we moved to a new house and when I had my asthma back due to their fur (and gym), My parents said that they will stay outside and also because of the little space we have. I go home late most of the time. My obligation then was to provide a food every two weeks. I no longer have them run around our house anymore.

Still, they still be able to live.


As they mature, like any other animals’ instinct… My Bacon became pregnant that I learned just weeks ago. I was so excited and I spread the news right away, I already have friends who wants to adopt the babies.

They don’t have a vet or anything I just based my knowledge about guinea pigs over the internet.

JULY 01, 2011 around 10.30 PM – I received an SMS from my sister telling me to rush cause Bacon is in danger. I thought she was about to give birth.

But I was wrong…

She’s saying goodbye that night after I watched Bumblebee on the big screen. I was up until 2 AM. I told my sister to watched her for me as I will get some sleep and go to work when the sun rises.

I regret that I fell asleep. I was expecting new born guinea pigs when I woke up.

But when I woke up and  held her tiny paws, she kicked her right foot and she looks very ill.

And that kick was her goodbye.  I no longer hear her heartbeat on the stethoscope anymore.

She waited me to see her one last time.

I broke down immediately and skipped work. How come she’s dead?? So many questions.

I planted the idea that they are not advised to bear a child.

My tears now will fall anytime soon as I type this. It still hurts to lose a pet given to you by a special someone.

What hurts more is that I feel that I am not a good pet owner.



Look at the difference of the two pictures. Sad

IMG_8864 and these were her babies. I was planning to name them Lettuce, Bread, Cheese, and Tomato.


I buried them right away. After series of tears in front of my family.

Bacon taught me to responsible, patient, and loving to animals. Responsible in a way that I need to feed them and replace their water bottles and Loving in such I treated them like humans. Patient when they didn’t want me to carry them and take a bath.

Now, Ham her partner is still alive.


I can see how sad he is. My Dad disagree to get a new partner for him, well, I will just take care of Ham more intensive cause I do not want to lose him as well.

I was lucky to have more than 200 photos and videos of them. I promise myself that I will get a new set of pigs when I get married.

Maybe naming them as food is a bad idea. Oh well, I will move on but her memory will live forever.

Rest in peace my baby”




3 thoughts on “Tribute Post: For my Ham & Bacon

  1. really sammy..the dead babies are disgusting! but I feel for you darl..i know how it feels losing a pet..don’t worry you did yer part..i’m sure bacon is happy wherever she is *hugs*


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