Makeup Post #6

my friend Kate asked me how did I made this…. Babe told me that I looked like a doll (amazing huh?) The photo above was 6 hours already (no more concealer see?). I look like a laundry girl early that morning (said my boss)  so I decided to transform at night. ••• Step 1: Mosturize … Continue reading Makeup Post #6


Tribute Post: For my Ham & Bacon

December 31, 2009 – July 01, 2011 I remember I wanted a pair of hamsters that year, babe give me Guinea Pigs. At first I was hesitant cause I know I will not attend them 24/7 but why not give a try. I was so addicted to them, I even joined forum on how to … Continue reading Tribute Post: For my Ham & Bacon