Cebu Ocular Visit

Okay? Lemme see if I can finish this post in 20 minutes.

We went to Cebu last July 7 – 9 for an ocular inspection. It’s my first time there and I just fell in love with the place. Although it’s very hot there (wrong weather forecast as usual) i still managed to take a look around.

We stayed at Radisson Blu new Hotel in the City.


The hotel is very beautiful. The room, amenities, service, etc. Except for the food, the breakfast buffet was a little off for my taste buds.

Then we went to see Cebu International Convention Center. My initial thought: I hope they can make the renovation, the place really need it.


Or maybe there was no event that time.

The next day we stayed at Waterfront Hotel (The hotels gave us trial stays). They held the convention there thrice or twice and for my view today it is still elegant but old.


and the dust made me itchy and my hands numb. Disappointed

We had lunch at Marco Polo formerly Cebu Plaza the place was nice and cozy and also…. OLD….


I even witnessed a wedding photo shoot at Marco Polo. Love Struck

I cannot remember detailed happening there because all i know is we ate a lot, literally a lot. I was so full because we had buffets from breakfast to dinner. I didn’t manage to eat until afternoon the next day.

I/We are still going to come back their on January cause the Convention will be on March so I hope I can learn to speak Cebuano by then. Winking


This is my version. LOL

i will be posting my next visit their. Batting Eyelashes




Makeup Post #6

my friend Kate asked me how did I made this…. Babe told me that I looked like a doll (amazing huh?)


The photo above was 6 hours already (no more concealer see?). I look like a laundry girl early that morning (said my boss)  so I decided to transform at night. Big Grin


Step 1: Mosturize

Step 2: Foundation. I used Revlon Photoready Foundation cause I know I will take a lot of pictures that night.

Step 3: Define your brows. I always use dark brown pencil for my brows, I used Covergirl Eyebrow Pencil here.

Step 4: I applied a pearly white cream eyeshadow as a base on my entire lid and brow bone,

Step 5: Powder Eyeshadow. I used Silver, Gray, and Dark Grey.

Step 6: Blend. Blend. Blend. | I created a shadowy winged also and I line my upper lash line super close to my lashes using a black silicon eyeliner.

Step 7: I used the silver eye shadow to line my lower lash line and my waterline with the black eyeliner.

Step 8: Mascara. Any mascara you want and Falsies. My falsies were from Saizen, It’s not a full eye lashes, it just accentuated the outer corner of my eyes.

Step 9:  Applied bronzer to contour my cheeks, pink blush-on, I contoured my nose too.

Step 10: I used my nude lipstick for this to compliment my dress.


There very simple. I am wearing my lenses cause I do not want to wear my glasses (that I am wearing now Nerd)

Here are the other photos….

Batting Eyelashes my dress was from @itsmechanna her graduation dress.


Hah! I haven’t blogged about my Cebu trip. haha



Tribute Post: For my Ham & Bacon

December 31, 2009 – July 01, 2011

I remember I wanted a pair of hamsters that year, babe give me Guinea Pigs. At first I was hesitant cause I know I will not attend them 24/7 but why not give a try.

I was so addicted to them, I even joined forum on how to take care of guinea pigs. Bought Stack & Rack for their house, Oat hay, Alfalfa Hay, Vitamin C with dropper. I treated them like my own human child.

When we are still living in a big house, they were in my bedroom, that every time I come home I will let them out of their cage and have them stroll and poop all over my bedroom. I blow dry them whenever their wet, comb their hair, and assemble cute little passages as they want to play all the time.

When we moved to a new house and when I had my asthma back due to their fur (and gym), My parents said that they will stay outside and also because of the little space we have. I go home late most of the time. My obligation then was to provide a food every two weeks. I no longer have them run around our house anymore.

Still, they still be able to live.


As they mature, like any other animals’ instinct… My Bacon became pregnant that I learned just weeks ago. I was so excited and I spread the news right away, I already have friends who wants to adopt the babies.

They don’t have a vet or anything I just based my knowledge about guinea pigs over the internet.

JULY 01, 2011 around 10.30 PM – I received an SMS from my sister telling me to rush cause Bacon is in danger. I thought she was about to give birth.

But I was wrong…

She’s saying goodbye that night after I watched Bumblebee on the big screen. I was up until 2 AM. I told my sister to watched her for me as I will get some sleep and go to work when the sun rises.

I regret that I fell asleep. I was expecting new born guinea pigs when I woke up.

But when I woke up and  held her tiny paws, she kicked her right foot and she looks very ill.

And that kick was her goodbye.  I no longer hear her heartbeat on the stethoscope anymore.

She waited me to see her one last time.

I broke down immediately and skipped work. How come she’s dead?? So many questions.

I planted the idea that they are not advised to bear a child.

My tears now will fall anytime soon as I type this. It still hurts to lose a pet given to you by a special someone.

What hurts more is that I feel that I am not a good pet owner.



Look at the difference of the two pictures. Sad

IMG_8864 and these were her babies. I was planning to name them Lettuce, Bread, Cheese, and Tomato.


I buried them right away. After series of tears in front of my family.

Bacon taught me to responsible, patient, and loving to animals. Responsible in a way that I need to feed them and replace their water bottles and Loving in such I treated them like humans. Patient when they didn’t want me to carry them and take a bath.

Now, Ham her partner is still alive.


I can see how sad he is. My Dad disagree to get a new partner for him, well, I will just take care of Ham more intensive cause I do not want to lose him as well.

I was lucky to have more than 200 photos and videos of them. I promise myself that I will get a new set of pigs when I get married.

Maybe naming them as food is a bad idea. Oh well, I will move on but her memory will live forever.

Rest in peace my baby”