Happy Birthday Babe!

Forgive me for the title but I kinda like the way it was used. It was used to describe a relationship which is “on the rocks”. Sounds like scotch huh? Well I am proud to say that wala kaming pinagdadaanan.

So this post is about how we celebrated his birthday. Since I hate crowds (I hate smiling and greeting everyone) I decided to take a vacation leave and spent the day with him after his work. hehe

But first I want to look back on his past birthdays…

June 17, 2006: We are not yet together, so why would I exert effort right? haha I just telephoned him exactly 12:00 MN and greeted him. haha

June 17, 2007: I believe it was Father’s Day and he was so ‘emo’ haha I made a VTR with super greetings. hahaha cheesy

June 17, 2008: God I can’t remember… as in,…

June 17, 2009: I also can’t remember…. hahaha It was my third day at work back then I think, we saw a movie…. hahaha

June 17, 2010: Hoo I have a complete picture of this…. I stood in front of Doña Amparo Building, his review center, I have balloons in  my hand and a card. And it was witnessed by many. haha

Here’s the evidence….

Big GrinBatting Eyelashes

And for this year….


pictures first….


I bought a card, big card. hahaha


IMG_8763 IMG_8764

A cake.


And a present. His wallet is dying so I decided to bought him a new one.


Spoiler that he was having a diarrhea. Ugh

My Vanilla Musk set the mood afterwards and he… we…. Red heartRed heartRed heart

Most Amazing Day Ever!  


They say that I am just impressing him, why would I? It is just I love this person so much and I always want to make him happy especially on his birthday. Take note, this is not happening during his birthday only but everyday when he is with me. ♥

FYI: We gathered with friends the next day and sung-along. I love his college friends, highly intellectual people. LOL Unfortunately, I wasn’t the cook *sobs*




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