Just a post: Spammed!

I do not know what happened to my Yahoo ID but I really can’t open it. As far as I can remember I checked it yesterday and did nothing. It’s my hobby to check my three active emails every morning, but it seems I lost my 2nd yahoo id for life. 111

I remember that I have received spam emails and I saw some mailer-daemon notices on spam folder, what do I care about spams right? it will go away.

I have three emails that I used for my daily basis

1. lansamsc@live.com ~ this is for my all social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (i dont update lately)

2. sam.lanuza@yahoo.com ~ this my first corporate email, Jobstreet, Jobsdb, Paypal, Eastwest Internet Banking and for other online shopping I am doing. 50 DARN! how will I going to retrieve it??onion-head-angry

3. samlanuza@gmail.com ~ I used this as my alternate email for my corporate one just incase the inbox cannot accommodate such big files clients send me. Of course for my wordpress it’s easier to remember.

As for my very first email, I asked my sister if she can make an alias that no one will know that it’s me and it became shee_ismee17@yahoo.com ~ all my college stuff as well as high school are here, academic groups, friendster, and multiply, I use this for my messenger too when I used to IM with strangers from all over the world.

Now, as I end this post for today I wonder if I can open my yahoo account again (sam.lanuza). Because if not I have to create a new one for everything onion-head-bad-mood 

P.S. Onion is my favorite right now so I used my msn emoticons for this blog post.




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