Travel Post: Visita Iglesia 2011


Last Maundy Thursday it has been my tradition to join his family on this family bonding occasion. For this year we went to Bonifacio High Street Tauguig to walk through the station of the cross…

It was very interactive, I knew this through 24 Oras.


The stations were like this, you don’t really have to rely on your prayer book and after each prose you will ask to the something – The Act.

DSC_0283As usual my fave color… haha DSC_0318 There are stations that you have to experience what Jesus had gone through…


The downfall was we took pictures more than sincerely praying. [I am so sorry Lord]


We were playing with our nephew, he was so cute and entertaining.


DSC_0376 I like this picture I took….


This is my fave part…. The 14th Station…. because…

016 We wrote each others name at this act… person who have touched your life…. ♥♥♥

We ate at Italiani’s …. after all the stations, this was also the congratulatory blow out of babe being an engineer…

005 I was the photographer that day. ☺

Thus, whether you want to hit the beach or take your time to reflect during the lent season it doesn’t matter as long as we know the true meaning why we are remembering Jesus Christ every year.




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