Work Post: PCTA Convention 2011: Moving Forward!


This is a very late post maybe because I was lazy going to the site and all now that I have Windows Live Writer, I think I can blog more often staring today….

This year’s convention happened last April 5 – 8 at the SMX Convention Center Pasay City. It’s our 3rd year there since it’s the most accurate venue for a big convention.

So far, the results were good as per the compliments I received from our sponsors and exhibitors. I made almost all the things you will see on the photos I will post throughout the article, most people would say I am pretty and kind, and I am very flattered.

The only experience that I don’t like was the Fellowship Night I was hysterically crying in front of the CPI people and their head one of my fave person comforted that made me cry even more.

To give you guys what happened here are the whereabouts:

Monday: April 4 ~ Ingress Day 1

I was at SMX 6 am to do the building turnover, I feel like I am the OIC and secretariats arrived one by one. We prepared the delegates’ kit – it’s the super fun part.

I took this photo, the fun part was we placed the bag number first before putting the stuff inside and we need to rearrange it. The night was tiring and drama already did happened but the laughs keeps on resounding on my head.

Still Monday, I was roving around to make sure that the event will be ready by 8am the next day. I made that railing banner, FYI.

The day ended with a hot shower bath. I need to wake up by 4 am the next day…

April 5: Tuesday ~ Ingress Day 2

Before breakfast snapshot first…. We wore the official shirt sponsored by Al Jazeera; Trivia about the shirt >>insert evil laugh here << we girls wanted to have that shirt fitted not to small and definitely not too big that is why I talked to the suppliers to make a female version for us. We told our manager that we have it repaired for only PHP 50. haha very bad!

DSC_0057I was checking my mail to make sure I will have the ids printed. haha I don’t have much picture that day because we were / I was very busy.

Mikee Cojuanco was here as one of our speakers.

April 6: Wednesday ~ The Opening

We have a uniform inner color so that delegates will recognize the secretariats. The color was teal and purple, I bought mine at the LOOP ABS-CBN when we had our prod meeting for the fellowship night.

Stunned red lips haha and my Charice Glasses. Rabby, was my partner, he was very nice and patient. haha we ended up talking about his engagement while sitting at our station. Karen,  very sexy momma and I clicked because I looked like her cousin. haha

I was the voice over but since the P.A. failed I overheard that I sounded like a video on you tube, buffering. haha

DSC_0096Ladies and gentlemen…..”

good thing they captured my moment. haha


Introducing Dannah, my manager’s niece. I like this girl. ☺

DSC_0212 The very generous Chairman. Can you imagine that he is the Chief Operating Officer of Cable Link – 3rd largest cable provider in Metro Manila. He is very down to earth, I can bully him that’s why. haha

DSC_0213The team they’re loving. ♥ (Lipstick courtesy of Cover Girl in Jolie)


Again the design and rendering was made by yours truly. ☺

We headed to the HBO party after the conference and guess what? I am a disaster. haha

The Board Walk Empire Party at the Hooters Bar. I only had one shot of tequila my goodness. haha

Eurasia performed from CPI Party to our fellowship night. haha

They say that this day is the most crucial day at the Convention. Oh well I concluded my day with a hot bath once again ☺

April 7 : Thursday ~ Fellowship Night

My hell day. This was what I am talking about above =(  but before it’d happened. I look very gorgeous >>ehem<< on my purple inner.

Blouse from Genevive Gozum and Lipstick by Revlon.

and towards the night……

I am very sad…. but…. they took me to Cafe Breton to feel better. (hello benjie!)

Famous La Pinay. ☺

See I am smiling…. but… (again)

131 I look very haggard that night still kept the smile throughout the day.

I bought corset for this that I didn’t have the chance to take picture of and my Mardi Grass costume….

That I didn’t have the chance to wear =(

Darn that I wasn’t able to handle that night properly.

April 8: Friday ~ The Last day! Rejoice!

It’s funny that I prepared this event for a year yet the event proper happened so fast.

135We awarded the very controversial Ipad from Warner TV. Ugh >>insert very very evil laugh here<<


The only chance we had to take pictures at the different booths.

Dora was there too…

together with…

Patrick Star…



Ni Fao Lan… haha I am not sure if I got the name right…

We concluded the day, taking pictures at the secretariat…


using 10 shots set up of my camera. haha

the Friday MOA fireworks was undeniably fantastic.


As well as the sun set.

As for me… I went back to SMX around 10:30pm to do the 2nd part of the turn over…

I am in the midst of making the post event report, as the book of this unforgettable event closes, I was asked to stay for another year to organized the 20th anniversary of the Convention.

Being the Project Assistant has its disadvantages and of course advantages! Look at this freebies…. Hooray!





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