Friendly post: For Kampay


I knew this clique existed seven years ago, when I was still going at the same school with them. Of course there is one specific person who bridged me to know this WONDERFUL people (naks) my hubby ♥

BITTER part.

I was annoyed with the news I am getting since we are no longer classmates during our sophomore year. And to think he found his new friends made me think that they took away babe from me. At least the issues of there is someone has a MU status with him, you know (sino kaya yun? haha) made me super ANNOYED that I transfered to new school because he’s going to be a BARIUM (junior class section) daw!

It’s funny that I used to walk home with the girls (joy, johnee) and I’ll see the boys on the parallel street walking too (arnel, jeck, jade, nomar). One of them was a friend’s crush (jade). So whenever I will see him (jade) going to the toilet we’ll giggle (naks! sino kaya yung may crush sa kanya? CLUE: hawig daw ni katya ;p)

SWEET part.

From there group name “KAMPAY”. You’ll know they get along a lot with scotch, whiskeys, beers, vodka, and the like in their tables.




they are not the kind of students who spent their whole studying life in an easy-go-lucky way. They are achievers, very intelligent people, and such a great friend(RN-CPA-ENGR-IT-MC) name it. haha You know it takes a real smart person to dovetail a happy go lucky life into a serious one. (I am wondering why they are no couples inside the circle? bakit nga ba? answer me!!)

I am so happy that I am spending time with them lately. Thanks to their organizer (Josh) who never fails to invite meto whatever occasions they will have CONSPIRACY (reunion, josh’s birthday, summer outing, jade’s birthday, xmas party). Even the boys they show concern and throw comments that you’ll never be offended.


I just love being around them 🙂


I will not ask you to pay me for this… LOL I love you guys… (ayeeeeeee)

Until next time. ☺☺☺


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