Wobbly Wednesday


Why did I typed Wobbly Wednesday? I’ve been thinking a lot of things lately. Just last night I cry myself to sleep because I am worried 2011. Worried because I feel that I am not being productive anymore. Since I know the ups and downs of my job as a project assistant of the Convention I seem to be laid back, thinking that I will still hit 13 million pesos (gross income).

My boss left for the US today, I heard her mom was diagnosed with Stage 1 of Breast Cancer. We speak a lot but most of the time she listens about my stories and gossips all over. Although she’s moody she’s a good boss because what she wants (i.e. salary increases) it is not only for her but for the rest of us. She will be back end of January which means I need to work hard to gain income.

I want to be independent so that when she got back all things are settled. I will be hiring assistants and I need to make their work scope (but instead im blogging) I do not know why am i so lazy. All I do is text, blog, tweet, and facebook and after work  I am with my hubby and having a good time.

He said I am just being problematic. Hell yeah! but I cannot help it. I just need some motivation and get enough REST.

As a rundown….

15 – I will replenish my toiletries and buy something for our Christmas Party

16 – Look for a shoes that will go along with H&M tutu skirt (I need to use cause it costs 70 HKD)

17 – Kampay Christmas Party

18 – Will shop for my nephews & nieces

19 – Will meet my girlfriends

20 – Will meet my best friend

21, 22 – Don’t have plans yet (haha)

23 – Staff Xmas Party

24 – Noche Buena groceries (Hey It’s Christmas Eve)

25 – 27, Christmas Vacation

So tell me, Am i still productive? I still want to do a lot. weird me.

I hope everyone will have a great Holiday! Merry Christmas everyone!!!



4 thoughts on “Wobbly Wednesday

  1. WHAT THE FUDGE?! O.o 13mil?! are you some sort of mafia honey?! I dun make those kinds of dough!

    errands huh..lotsa lotsa errands..gotta have em all i reckon..and wow 13 mil! still can’t believe it!

    and why does cancer is soo all ova the place nowadays 😦


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