N’s board exams

I am having a lazy day here in the office. I don’t know it seems that I am justifying my one day at a time and I am doing my task one by one. It’s Christmas so let’s take a break. 😀

My title was formed from “Buddha” ~ rounded face and “McCoin” ~ from the one point he missed to become an engineer in his first take.

November 27 – First day. He texted me that the questions were so hard and not hoping that he’ll pass the exam. THAT IS WHY

November 28 – He didn’t scanned his note.

Oh well, I kept myself quite not to tell him that I am hoping the he’ll get it via luck. I know his study habits. We do have our own and besides he’s the one going to take it, why bother remind him “Hey, study…”

December 2 – A facebook status was posted saying congrats to a topnotcher and a professor posted the passing percentage.

Link Clicked.


No Adea, Nomar Lising

Oh well again, we didn’t expect. At first I want to say,

“Lord, are you mad at us because I lied all the time?”

but then again I let it go and decided to took a leave the next day and just be with him. We even fought that night cause I am insisting him to give me a concrete answer that he wants to spend a day with me.

[I know it’s obvious I am just really STUBBORN, why guys just won’t say it? Isn’t it hard?]

December 3 – I woke up around 6 am, Am I going to work? No answer echoed in my room but my fingers made their move to compose a text message.

Message Sent.

Left the house bought two orders of Pancakes from Jollibee [I need to make up to him].

I arrived. “Good Morning Babe!”

He did his best to woke up. [He slept around 5am chatting with his friend, tssss]

Then we decided to leave and go some place to relax and be alone.

You know…  Hugs and Kisses without people telling you that… it’s FORBIDDEN…

Then we stroll the mall to look for gifts… Bought Coffee and went back to his place.

FACEBOOK mode once again.

More links post regarding score verification and at last we hit enter.






ESAT: 74.0

GEAS: 69

AVERAGE : 72.90

Just so you know, if I am not mistaken, each subject has 100 questions and the passing is 70. OMFG 69? Are you kidding me? THE RESULTS ARE FINAL effin’ PRC.


God truly listens even you are not literally speaking to him. He knows your thoughts, what’s inside your heart and mind. Maybe he didn’t let him get it right away for us to realize that we need to behave and there is no easy way to success.

“Nasa diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa”

Yeah. We keep on praying but if we’ll not exert effort to get what we’re praying for, we’re still not going to have it.

I thank God for this blessing. He’ll be a sure Engineer in Summer 2011. *hopeful*

Tinapik lang siya ni lord.


2 thoughts on “N’s board exams

  1. ok first i can see you have the signature thingy too that’s cool! im not alone! *wink*

    and second WTF?!! are you saying he didn’t pass the board exam??O.o please tell me no…like no he passed…


    1. He passed the three subject, although the General Average is also a passing one PRC didn’t allow him because the last subject was 69/100 the passing per subject is 70. OMFG! grrr but he’ll retake the last subject only don’t worry. Too much cut off made by PRC they should have rounded it off.


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