When I am tired

In my Theology 101 my professor showed an article regarding the word BUSY. It says that BUSY means “being-under-satan-yokes”. Almost all activities in our everyday life occupies our time, as much as we forget ourselves we forget God, our creator.

Two weeks ago, the Homily is about the 8th deadly sin – ACEDIA. It is related to sloth the father said, it is when we lose the meaning of life. We started questioning why are we keep doing the things we are doing.

And I reflect…

Today, I am feeling so ill. I cried a lot last night maybe that is why, my eyes were hurting, my shoulders, my legs, and I don’t wanna get up and go to work.

Why do we need to earn money? Of course to live. Money is a necessity but money is not everything. When we feel tired we wished to go back being dependent to our parents. When all we do is ask for allowance, eat, play, and sleep. Tell me about it, I wish I still have Sem Break, Christmas Break, No classes if there’s a typhoon.

When I had my first salary it’s as if the money I usually get from my parents the difference is you have it all and you can buy stuff you want without asking permission from them. I like the idea of earning my own money.

But then again I feel lazy going to work. Gladly I still push my fat arse to go to the office.

Then I am wondering why am I still living…

Just like the question from a famous coffee brand… “Para kanino ka bumabangon?”

For whom/what?

1. for Work – to earn money

2. for my special someone – this is my favorite reason to live, to love and feel love, to kiss and be hugged.

3. for my friends – to please my Venusian necessities ~ TALKING

4. for my siblings – to boss them around :p

5. for my pets – they are needy creatures because I imprisoned them and can’t find food for themselves.

6. for my parents – to argue with them

My everyday routine is not dull at all. I consider them as an adventure, I am insisting myself to go on with life because at the end of the day all the things you do, though you interact with others is not for them but for yourself.

I want to be more closer to God, in that way I will feel good about everything and will not lose the meaning of life. Life is beautiful, we just need to seek it by ourselves.

As I try to question my life and wondering when I am going to die…

The answer I get is that : My mission is still not over 🙂

“Live one day at a time”




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