Friendly post: For Kampay


I knew this clique existed seven years ago, when I was still going at the same school with them. Of course there is one specific person who bridged me to know this WONDERFUL people (naks) my hubby ♥

BITTER part.

I was annoyed with the news I am getting since we are no longer classmates during our sophomore year. And to think he found his new friends made me think that they took away babe from me. At least the issues of there is someone has a MU status with him, you know (sino kaya yun? haha) made me super ANNOYED that I transfered to new school because he’s going to be a BARIUM (junior class section) daw!

It’s funny that I used to walk home with the girls (joy, johnee) and I’ll see the boys on the parallel street walking too (arnel, jeck, jade, nomar). One of them was a friend’s crush (jade). So whenever I will see him (jade) going to the toilet we’ll giggle (naks! sino kaya yung may crush sa kanya? CLUE: hawig daw ni katya ;p)

SWEET part.

From there group name “KAMPAY”. You’ll know they get along a lot with scotch, whiskeys, beers, vodka, and the like in their tables.




they are not the kind of students who spent their whole studying life in an easy-go-lucky way. They are achievers, very intelligent people, and such a great friend(RN-CPA-ENGR-IT-MC) name it. haha You know it takes a real smart person to dovetail a happy go lucky life into a serious one. (I am wondering why they are no couples inside the circle? bakit nga ba? answer me!!)

I am so happy that I am spending time with them lately. Thanks to their organizer (Josh) who never fails to invite meto whatever occasions they will have CONSPIRACY (reunion, josh’s birthday, summer outing, jade’s birthday, xmas party). Even the boys they show concern and throw comments that you’ll never be offended.


I just love being around them 🙂


I will not ask you to pay me for this… LOL I love you guys… (ayeeeeeee)

Until next time. ☺☺☺


Make up Blog #1

I’ve been watching a lot of make up tutorials on you tube lately to get some tips. I cannot do the real tutorial because we don’t have the same products, it’s either not available in the Philippines or expensive. I know I am splurging already on make up but I don’t want to spend all my salary in it.

Anyway, here are some of the make up I did. 😀


I want my sister to take a picture of me that night, but my camera went off. >.< I love the new jumpsuit I received from my grandmother, but I still don’t have the shoes for it . It’s super long. ;p here’s the product that I used.


Revlon Photoready Foundation

San San Concealer


Dollface 78 Palette

Liquid Eyeliner (no brand)

Cover Girl Brow Pencil

Revlon Double Twist Mascara


concealer (as nude lipcolor)

Loreal 6H Glamshine

photo and post editing by: ME


not bad right? ^_^


I remember it was TGIF. It is time for dress up and I have a new polo shirt from my granny again. I watched Michelle Phan’s tutorial on Summer make up i think and here’s the result.


San San Concealer

in2it Dual Powder Foundation


Elf Studio Eye Primer

Dollface 78 Palette

Nichido Mineral Eye liner in black

Cover Girl Brow Pencil

Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara


Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Lilac

photo and post editing by: me


my hubby told me that the green eyeshadow as a liner was too loud. (He is really not a fan of my make ups )


TGIF again. I am meeting my bestfriend and the shirt I am wearing again from granny. Everyone in the office was out of town so I decided to paint my face. lol


Revlon Photoready Foundation

San San Conealer


Elf Studio Eye Primer

Dollface 78 Palette

Nichido Mineral Eyeliner

Cover Girl Brow Pencil

Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara


Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off beat pink

Loreal 6H Glamshine Lip Gloss


I took the picture at the bathroom. LOL


It was around 11.30 I think and I want to play blues in my eyes. I bought a new shimmer palette and false eyelashes. I removed all my make up afterwards, I felt sleepy. haha


NONE (can u believe it? I love my camera* only room lighting)


Shawill Shimmer Eyeshadow

Liquid Eye Liner in black (no brand)

Revlon Double Twist Mascara

False Eyelashes


Avon Simply Pretty Blush On


Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Lilac


my dad told me: “Ano ba yan Sarah Marie gabi na nag-gaganyan ka pa!” haha


This was just last Monday, Office Xmas Party. While my bosses are having a meeting I fixed myself at my station. They were amazed. ahahaha


Revlon Photoready Foundation

San San Concealer

In2it Dual Powder Foundation (dry)

Shawill Loose Powder


Elf studio Eye Primer

Dollface 78 Palette

Shawill Shimmer Palette

Elf Eye Widener Liner in Pearly White

Ever Bilena Cream Eye Liner

Cover Girl Brow Liner

Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara

False Eye Lashes

(a lot for that eyes @_@ purple/silver smokey eyes)


Avon Simply Pretty Blush


Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Lilac


It took me an hour to pull off this look and the comment was positive. My hair was inspired by Carah Amelie.


So what do you guys think? Please leave a comment below if I should continue doing this…



P.S. Kinda Lazy to put links for my youtube gurus. will post it soon 🙂



Wobbly Wednesday


Why did I typed Wobbly Wednesday? I’ve been thinking a lot of things lately. Just last night I cry myself to sleep because I am worried 2011. Worried because I feel that I am not being productive anymore. Since I know the ups and downs of my job as a project assistant of the Convention I seem to be laid back, thinking that I will still hit 13 million pesos (gross income).

My boss left for the US today, I heard her mom was diagnosed with Stage 1 of Breast Cancer. We speak a lot but most of the time she listens about my stories and gossips all over. Although she’s moody she’s a good boss because what she wants (i.e. salary increases) it is not only for her but for the rest of us. She will be back end of January which means I need to work hard to gain income.

I want to be independent so that when she got back all things are settled. I will be hiring assistants and I need to make their work scope (but instead im blogging) I do not know why am i so lazy. All I do is text, blog, tweet, and facebook and after work  I am with my hubby and having a good time.

He said I am just being problematic. Hell yeah! but I cannot help it. I just need some motivation and get enough REST.

As a rundown….

15 – I will replenish my toiletries and buy something for our Christmas Party

16 – Look for a shoes that will go along with H&M tutu skirt (I need to use cause it costs 70 HKD)

17 – Kampay Christmas Party

18 – Will shop for my nephews & nieces

19 – Will meet my girlfriends

20 – Will meet my best friend

21, 22 – Don’t have plans yet (haha)

23 – Staff Xmas Party

24 – Noche Buena groceries (Hey It’s Christmas Eve)

25 – 27, Christmas Vacation

So tell me, Am i still productive? I still want to do a lot. weird me.

I hope everyone will have a great Holiday! Merry Christmas everyone!!!


N’s board exams

I am having a lazy day here in the office. I don’t know it seems that I am justifying my one day at a time and I am doing my task one by one. It’s Christmas so let’s take a break. 😀

My title was formed from “Buddha” ~ rounded face and “McCoin” ~ from the one point he missed to become an engineer in his first take.

November 27 – First day. He texted me that the questions were so hard and not hoping that he’ll pass the exam. THAT IS WHY

November 28 – He didn’t scanned his note.

Oh well, I kept myself quite not to tell him that I am hoping the he’ll get it via luck. I know his study habits. We do have our own and besides he’s the one going to take it, why bother remind him “Hey, study…”

December 2 – A facebook status was posted saying congrats to a topnotcher and a professor posted the passing percentage.

Link Clicked.


No Adea, Nomar Lising

Oh well again, we didn’t expect. At first I want to say,

“Lord, are you mad at us because I lied all the time?”

but then again I let it go and decided to took a leave the next day and just be with him. We even fought that night cause I am insisting him to give me a concrete answer that he wants to spend a day with me.

[I know it’s obvious I am just really STUBBORN, why guys just won’t say it? Isn’t it hard?]

December 3 – I woke up around 6 am, Am I going to work? No answer echoed in my room but my fingers made their move to compose a text message.

Message Sent.

Left the house bought two orders of Pancakes from Jollibee [I need to make up to him].

I arrived. “Good Morning Babe!”

He did his best to woke up. [He slept around 5am chatting with his friend, tssss]

Then we decided to leave and go some place to relax and be alone.

You know…  Hugs and Kisses without people telling you that… it’s FORBIDDEN…

Then we stroll the mall to look for gifts… Bought Coffee and went back to his place.

FACEBOOK mode once again.

More links post regarding score verification and at last we hit enter.






ESAT: 74.0

GEAS: 69

AVERAGE : 72.90

Just so you know, if I am not mistaken, each subject has 100 questions and the passing is 70. OMFG 69? Are you kidding me? THE RESULTS ARE FINAL effin’ PRC.


God truly listens even you are not literally speaking to him. He knows your thoughts, what’s inside your heart and mind. Maybe he didn’t let him get it right away for us to realize that we need to behave and there is no easy way to success.

“Nasa diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa”

Yeah. We keep on praying but if we’ll not exert effort to get what we’re praying for, we’re still not going to have it.

I thank God for this blessing. He’ll be a sure Engineer in Summer 2011. *hopeful*

Tinapik lang siya ni lord.

When I am tired

In my Theology 101 my professor showed an article regarding the word BUSY. It says that BUSY means “being-under-satan-yokes”. Almost all activities in our everyday life occupies our time, as much as we forget ourselves we forget God, our creator.

Two weeks ago, the Homily is about the 8th deadly sin – ACEDIA. It is related to sloth the father said, it is when we lose the meaning of life. We started questioning why are we keep doing the things we are doing.

And I reflect…

Today, I am feeling so ill. I cried a lot last night maybe that is why, my eyes were hurting, my shoulders, my legs, and I don’t wanna get up and go to work.

Why do we need to earn money? Of course to live. Money is a necessity but money is not everything. When we feel tired we wished to go back being dependent to our parents. When all we do is ask for allowance, eat, play, and sleep. Tell me about it, I wish I still have Sem Break, Christmas Break, No classes if there’s a typhoon.

When I had my first salary it’s as if the money I usually get from my parents the difference is you have it all and you can buy stuff you want without asking permission from them. I like the idea of earning my own money.

But then again I feel lazy going to work. Gladly I still push my fat arse to go to the office.

Then I am wondering why am I still living…

Just like the question from a famous coffee brand… “Para kanino ka bumabangon?”

For whom/what?

1. for Work – to earn money

2. for my special someone – this is my favorite reason to live, to love and feel love, to kiss and be hugged.

3. for my friends – to please my Venusian necessities ~ TALKING

4. for my siblings – to boss them around :p

5. for my pets – they are needy creatures because I imprisoned them and can’t find food for themselves.

6. for my parents – to argue with them

My everyday routine is not dull at all. I consider them as an adventure, I am insisting myself to go on with life because at the end of the day all the things you do, though you interact with others is not for them but for yourself.

I want to be more closer to God, in that way I will feel good about everything and will not lose the meaning of life. Life is beautiful, we just need to seek it by ourselves.

As I try to question my life and wondering when I am going to die…

The answer I get is that : My mission is still not over 🙂

“Live one day at a time”