Sam went to Hong Kong

me, myself and I

This my first out the country trip and good thing I have my passport ready.

CASBAA 2010 is an annual event and PCTA supports it. The convention chairman and the PCTA president/chairman of the board usually go there. For the first time they permitted a staff to join them. I am close with convention chair cause we go to meetings often and I do most of the job regarding it. He let me used his mileage for me to join the team.

I am worried/paranoid because colleague might say that I forced the chairman to let me in. But they are very supportive they just told me that they don’t want key chains nor nail cutter for ‘pasalubong’.

We went there not to attend extensively at the convention but market our own upcoming convention on April 2011. Here’s what I did :::

26 October

0800 flight to Hong Kong via PAL – I woke up early since I have a bad record on punctuality I was the first one to arrived. Enjoyed the Airport wifi for a while.

I don’t a have a seat mate so I took  pictures of my surroundings. and filled up this cute immigration form. haha

Immigration card

We arrived around 1100 at the HK interanational airport. Man! The airport looks like our SM Mall of Asia.

waiting for my luggage, Attorney and Ms. Anne behind me. 🙂

We stayed at the Marco Polo Prince Hotel, Kowloon and ate lunch at the Gateway Mall.  Stroll the streets and rushed back for our 3:00 pm meeting.

I was pissed off because I didn’t have time to put make up on I looked so haggard. Plus, we’re late. The meeting was at the Grand Hyatt Central, Hong Kong. Rode a ferry to get in there. So refreshing…

  • France24
  • CNBC
  • SES World Skies
  • True TV
  • GlobeCast / Fashion One
  • Aljazeera

We have to split up in order to accommodate all of them. Then attended Disney Party and HBO Party that night.

HBO Souvenir
Disney Cocktail Party

27 October

We met with

  • Australia Broadcast Network
  • MGM Channels
  • Korea Broadcasting
  • TV5Monde
  • Outdoor / Havoc Channel
  • E! Channel

It all turned up well, they gave positive response on our proposal. Of course all of us were taught to be polite right? then we attended a dinner with Cable BOSS where I ate crispy eel, Stuffed duck, and other Chinese food.

Sweet and Sour lapu Lapu
Stuffed duck
Coke Zero ~ cute packaging

then we headed to Discovery Party (Four Seasons Hotel)  and Fashion One Party (Prive Bar).

Me with Bob Blumer, Awesome Cookbook
wacky with my boss
Fashion One Party

FYI,  I think I was drunk already because when I got back the hotel I slipped while taking a shower and I had bruise. LOL

28 October

Last day of the meeting that I scheduled, we met with

  • HBO
  • Warner TV
  • Viaccess

Some of the heads of these company had became my business “friends” they are so nice to me. Some of them liked me cause I am always smiling ;p

All in all the business part of my Hong Kong trip ends here I enjoyed the meetings cause I get to present some of the information they need to know. It was funny cause when I arrived Manila I keep on speaking in English, I like to be in a foreign country and to be with foreigners because they will not judge you as “maarte” when you speak in English. I enjoyed the Parties too and the Convention as well, my luggage was full because of the give aways. I hope I can do this again. 🙂

To be continued to Part II


4 thoughts on “Sam went to Hong Kong”

  1. you lucky bastard! (yenno the bastard part is just a joke..dun take it seriously ROFL!) i wish i have yer job!

    we really need to get of the country..a couple’s out of the country would be good whatcha think my royal cuteness?


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