My five best friends

I don’t know if these gals consider me as their best friend.

Maybe yes.

They say that true friends are the people you met during kindergarten but I don’t have anyone of them cause my parents won’t allow me to play outside and we often move.

I met these gals way back in college.

I want to share something them. (alphabetically)

1. Abida, Diah Mae

Oh, she’s the smartest and the most studious of all, class Cum Claude. First day of school? she was with her old friends, those who studied in LCCM also. Her classics are: hair doctor’s comb, heels, lenses for her left eye (?) and super highlights on her notes. She made me cry every time she ask me something about something I don’t want to tell anybody. She stays with me during edits and she laughs at my lousy jokes. She’s a sleepy head and very down to earth. My day is delighted every time I hear Diah laugh…

2. Binarao, Kathleen Kasinee Esther

The first person I met in college, literally, she was sporting this Jansport backpack sitting under the umbrella and I approached her “Miss, san yung S132?” hahahaha they call us Tom & Jerry cause ever since we always quarrel about everything. Whether Shakira is a rock star and so on. She’s my dancing buddy also, and she’s the one who boosted my self esteem. She told me “alam mo sam marunong kang sumayaw, kumanta, matalino, kulang na lang sayo guts” Well those words made me a STAR… wahahaha Kasinee is the girl I always tease, we accompanied each other and she’s my financial savior. She accompanied me to see Nomar at gateway(first time), when I don’t know anything about Cubao during those days. She’s obsessed with leopard print, PCD, and Shakira. A good debate rival. 🙂

3. De Guzman, Rochanna Marie

My Tsukebebs…. ♥♥♥ We have this intellectual connection that one look, no explanation, she got it. I got my beautiful dresses from her, she chooses good pieces for me. I can always go to there house if I need someone to talk to and we are constant textmates. This gal could call me at 2AM to say that she broke up with her boyfriend and after a while we are bursting with laughter. She’s the leader of the group (we all voted for her LOL). She has the most beautiful skin ever and her boobies? ENORMOUS. hahaha There’s so much happening we’ve done together and I was really touched when she introduced me as her best friend. If our laughs could be money, damn, we are so rich! LOL Reliable, Strong, and Gorgeous, really a true friend.

4. Espiritu, Jinky

Grr, super big photo. LOL. When it comes to art and the like, well this girl is my buddy. The quotes and everything, she’s the one who always notices my messy uniform, messy hair, excess fats, weird outfits, etc. She’s very opinionated and stubborn, she can’t decide right away. hahaha  Every time there’s an awkward moment we look at each other and do the “Adel” nod. We both love pictures, narcissistic, and her vocabulary is awesome. She’s my DevCom partner, she’s a proof reader, she aligns my margins and paragraph spaces. She makes lettering for me, and drew the dragonfly from my phone. I saw her cry, her struggles. One thing’s peculiar about her, she eats a lot but look at her body so skinny. She’s very supportive when it comes to Nomar&Sam love team ♥

5. Tubaña, Pamela Joy

Oh my this Gal is an alcoholic. hahaha Just kidding. She’s my living Soulmate, she’s forgetful at times, and we spent more time talking to each other rather than doing our task. We slept together, while making our thesis, and we share all the first in the world. I cried when…. *censored* LOL I always call her whenever there’s something exciting happened to me, and take note, she’s the person I was talking to when I was walking in the rain crying. She heard all my rants, poor ears. hahaha she compliments me in a nice way and wait she taught me how to get in to a place I never thought she would be the first one to went there. So Nice. hahaha

I love this gal so much, our life is like a chain reaction. I am happy that even after graduation we still manage to bond like we used to in college. Definitely my bridesmaid 🙂 I see this gals as my buddies until the end of time. I love you! ♥

ashoosee class/debel/kowmishown on owdit/sim-bahan/bubbly/i’m a bitch/crazy frog/kwadro/bernarda alba/tgm/sweet&spicy/manggang hilaw/kubo/conso office. ♥


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