My first job

I consider my self really lucky when it comes to opportunities. Why? Because they are like cards laid in front of me… Looking back I was a very timid student, I do recite of course, show off, but I never volunteered my self to any public showing activities until I was a college student.

I thought I will still be like who I was but things extremely changed when I got the highest average on our first ever preliminary exam  in theology, 96 %, cool right. And that started the thought that I was like smart and all.

The best exposure I had was when I starred in a play where I had a kissing scene with a 33 y/o guy.

*Photo from my friend’s multiply: That’s me. =p*

The play is entitled The Glass Menagerie. I fell in love with the lime light. I still made another play entitled The House of Bernarda Alba, where I got great compliments from everyone.

I am thankful that I met my director, Lito Casaje, he is a brilliant man. Until now he still offers me role and I wish I can say yes.

Fast forward….

I applied for a call center job year 2008 for the mere fact that my friend told me to apply. I got in but I have to stop and just continue my thesis. That time I received a 5,000 pesos for an impromptu speech I joined, the topic was “What is your greatest achievement?” then I got my back pay from Convergys by January.

Graduating from college, April 2009 I availed my free training about pre-employment since I have an experience on call centers, it was a piece of a cake for me. For two weeks I was paid 150 pesos a day which is not bad for non-employed like me. I applied for work, search the internet and sent my resumes. I was really hopeful to land on a job that I want,  a writer or  an editorial assistant. I had my training at the Summit Media Publishing so I assumed I can get in easily, sad to say I didn’t not apply and I don’t know why. The other option I had was to go back to Mellow Touch 94.7 since I do newscast every morning on their AM station. But then again it was not for me, maybe not now, I was invited to be beauty consultant for a beauty line that was not familiar to me, silly because I didn’t showed up at the final interview.

I received a call June 05, 2009 from an old friend, former president of the Mass Comm society at school was about to resign, she eyed me to be her replacement, I got the position.

I now work as a project assistant. My job nature is to market and organize the annual convention held for the cable operators in the Philippines. Though I got nothing to do from June – October once the event is on I got to talk to all sorts of people, from CEO’s to assistants like me.  The best part of this job is that I can express my ideas I have  my say when it comes to creative and I can surf the net while doing my work. Well, that’s pleasure, no firewall and everything. I travel, I rode the plane for the first time, and eat to restaurants that I thought I will never have a chance to try.  I had my first digital camera as a bonus and a seiko watch, I even bought a new phone. =)

*Late night snack at the Heritage Hotel, we stayed there for 5 days*

Until such time that I am ready to face broader world, I will never forget this generous company that printed my first paycheck .

*My PCTA Family, during the fellowship night*


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