We are meant to be, that’s why…

SIDEBAR: [okay I just finished my article about cable (pfft) and I am now sipping my black coffee, I gave up putting a creamer when I make my own coffee]

So what’s “dos” all about??? Call me silly if I am happy. I know some bitter people who cannot be happy for others even for their friends. I have been experiencing that kind of feedback ever since.

It’s like, “How long you’ve been together?” they I will say. “3 years, plus high school, it’s 8 years.” I am always proud whenever people ask me regarding how long we have been together and how we got together but after they heard the story most of the time they will say, “You know my ex and I have been together like forever and yet we separated.”  I would tell them not to worry cause I know what am I doing and I know my guy. I know that guy’s intestines have the same coil or whatever you call it but hey, can you please consider family upbringing, environment, and brain.

I don’t get mad at people whenever I see this green monster behind their back. I cannot blame them, because in some ways they show a little concern “Oops, it’d happened to me, might happen to you too.” a big thanks but if you’ll say “It will definitely happen to you too…” Are you guys kidding me? My ears are wide open for your stories, it’s not right to wish other people the same misfortune you had. You may pin point that my guy will do the same shit to me just like your old guy had done to you but does not mean anything to me anymore. It’s devastating when people around you pulls you down, like those crabs. Why can’t you be happy? If not for me do it for yourself.  Be happy. I think we should learn to be contented with what we have and stop praying for things that we want.  God has his own will for us, things we ask today might not be given right away cause he knows a lot better. What we are wishing are not meant to be ours, we all deserve a good one.

Thus, this does not just apply for the envy you feel towarsds your best friend’s love life. It applies on every single thing that you see on other people that you wish to have too.  I see this as challenged, a secret that keeps me on moving. I know what are you thinking, that I will just eat all the good things I am saying, I will prove you wrong.

But if that will make you happy then go ahead be the emotional vampire you have been ever since.

You’ll be seeing me in long trail one of these years. :]


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