Recycled Love Post

“This is one of my favorite prose I made for the man I love and I want to share it with you guys…”

I’m constricting my loaded brain to come up with an assemblage of remarks about this sentiment I always have about him… For the past one thousand and fifty days that we have been together, I proved that fairytales exists only in books, not that I am disappointed of what we had but to just rationalize the reality that it didn’t began from falling in love but you enter that relationship, chose to commit for you two to grow in love with each other. It doesn’t matter how old are you when you became together, what matters is the maturity of the circumstances you will face as time passes by. At first you will get mad if he doesn’t reply to your texts or fell asleep while you are talking to him or even he got late for a date. Suddenly you’ll realize you’re being too narrowed minded and clingy. You two become one but it doesn’t mean that your two different worlds will become one also. They say love has three stages first, the attraction then, the romantic phase, lastly, where fireworks are rarely lit the attachment phase. I cannot blame my guy if I thought he had changed a bit, he’s still growing up, and the only difference is he grows up with me. I can be thankful that I can watch somebody to grow up to be a mature person and do wonderful stuff with me, we can learn from each other. I enjoy and treasure every second I am with him.

When it comes to fight, I am not a quarrelsome, at first… *laughs* but as I learned how to address my needs, well I admit that I get mad If the things I want doesn’t follow the way I wanted to (SIYA DIN KAYA!) … but these things are part of it. If I will enumerate all the annoying things he does maybe every minute that we are together we will squabble. He’s absolutely not annoying, I know him, AS IS… He certainly finds a way how to divert all my infuriation to disappear. 100:1. there are one hundred more things I can adore about him compare to his attitude problem. I have attitude problem too, that’s why we clash.
There can be nothing better if he is your best friend, when you don’t have anybody to talk to, he’s obliged to listen. But he’s opinion sometimes is so not helping. *laughs* but at least he tried.

Men will always be from MARS and Women are from VENUS.

LOVE. This is a cliché, many girls will slap me if I say he’s for keeps. I hope there’s one for every hopeless romantic like me. Though there will always be someone for somebody. I am just so lucky that I have mine locked in my heart.

He is just one of the few guys that will look at a girl not as an object but as a companion, because he admits he needs a woman in his life.

All I am saying is, No questions ask. No matter what happen, I will be always be beside him and be with him to fleet this relationship we all call a BATTLEFIELD.

maybe I could compose another one about this one. ♥


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