For Ferrylicious

I want my first blog to be something striking for my readers, has a core topic that will affect their everyday living. But to have a clutter mind while at the office I think my first blog will be something very light but heartwarming for the person I will talk about. I made another blog because of her and this is a sure benefit if I want to practice writing.

Well, Ferrylicious………

Her real name is FERRY MALLORCA [ I know she doesn’t want her real name to be here]. I met her around 2005, college days. She’s was of the loudest person I’ve known and she has this sense of humor that every time you want to pass it on others you cannot finish the whole story without laughing. She’s well driven, cause if she wants to learn something she’ll definitely work hard on it. She’s also very smart, [street smart?] LOL she’s a BIT lazy that’s why her Einstein brain is not working. I can tell you she’s a good cook too, she makes the best spaghetti . She’s insomniac, she can travel the entire world without any minute of sleep.

There’s so much about this woman that I adore. Though we may not share the darkest of secrets we get along just fine because of our common grounds; whether make ups, cosmo, novels, blogs, sex, gossips to name a few. We can share a cup of green tea ice cream that tastes like horse-chewed grass and laugh out loud.

I like her because she’s a true person and she means what she says. She may carry burdens in her heart but you’ll never see it. Couple of Coors Light can make her feel better. Have I mentioned that she’s an animal lover? Well she is, she loves dogs.

I am looking forward for more years laughing with her and I will be there for her.


5 thoughts on “For Ferrylicious

  1. This made me giggle!! ha! you thought i’d be teary-eyes dun yeah? nah.. i feel so great that a woman like you read my blogs and appreciate the words that are coming out of my mouth and head ^_^.

    i love you sammy for including me in your first blog here at wordpress ❤ this will be awesome! finally! i can read some of your blogs which ive been waiting for almost a year, tumblr is great but nothing beats a good blog site 🙂

    thank you sammy from the bottom of my shattered heart, let's hang out soon!


  2. Hi Sam! Wow! Now, I have to follow and read yours too:):):). You guys are soooooo gifted!!!!

    Ferry’s Mom


    1. Hi Tita,

      Thank you so much. I will follow you guys too. I am still studying how to operate my wordpress 😀



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