First time to try AIRBNB

Stunning 37th floor view

My last early event went nuts when my team arrived late at the venue. Of course, you cannot blame the lack of sleep and heavy traffic because you’re the one who needs to adjust. So for the next event, we decided to book a place to stay so we won’t be late again. Looking around BGC, hotels could be really expensive, so I tried my luck on

I’ve seen my friends chose airbnb and my former head do have his own listing too, so I give it a shot.

Since his unit was not available, we searched for another and we found one on Mckinley Parkway (click the link for the airbnb listing). We were thrilled when we saw the place, it was so cozy and complete with amenities. When we say amenities, it is more than the amenities of some five-star suites in the metro.

Aside from the appliances, the bathroom is pretty much stuffed with the toiletries you will need.

They even have some perfume testers which guests can enjoy.

We checked in around 5pm then went back to work, our office was in the 34th street, in  BGC you can walk to place, but that was far. lol

We went to Mercato for dinner.


We could have stayed over the weekend to rest, but hey, I am a newly wed gal and I must go home. haha

I will definitely use airbnnb again for future travels.


Uptown Cinema Experience

Work is crazy as usual. As the meme would say it “Akala ko magaling na ako… Marunong lang pala” (I thought I am good but I just know how to do it). There is always a room for improvement. I would not regret every second of my work day as it leads to something greater. New lessons every sunrise. With a mantra from my grand mom “for greater glory of God”, I know things would better.

Anyway, I finally tried Uptown Mall Cinema (VIP) in BGC. We tried booking on the spot for XMEN apocalypse before, but unfortunately, you need to reserve ahead of time. This time for the Secret Life of Pets, we experienced the luxurious free flowing popcorn and drinks (insert lazy boy too). I loved the experience, I would watch all blockbuster movies there from now on. It is super near the office too. 

Here are some photos:

The price is PHP500, if you will book online there is a convenience fee of PHP20. Three different popcorn flavors to choose from – cheese, barbecye, sour crewm. You can change your flavor every refill, same goes with your drinks (Coca-Cola products). There is a button which you can press to call the attention of the movie house attendant if you need anything.

The chairs are positioned by two’s; ample distance to have privacy. Not suitable for odd numbers though, because the third wheel will be left out. 

I recommend watching your much anticipated movie here. It is worth the price.

I only had one 500 ml soda and one refill of popcorn.

Have you tried watching a movie here? You should. 

My July in spreads

Hello, August! 

Inside my head the people there is pancking because wedding preps is around 60% I guess. What can I do? I might just roll my eyes and laugh. 

What happened in July? I ate, watched movies, and worked. I am slowly disconnecting myself from people I know who will not do good in my life. 

Anyway, here’s an overview of my July.

Week 28: Work + Bills + Wedding

As much as I want to write for DISHY, I wonder why I can’t.

Week 29: Movies + Weddings + Overtimes

At least, I was able to update. 

Week 30: Bills + Empty Planner

Became so busy with events, I badly needed a sleep here. 

Week 31: BUJO

This was a late spread which is why it is cleaned. I was caught up with things, as usual and placed all my thoughts in my head. 

I feel that slowly my life is changing and even though I ran on a hamster wheel now. I can figure it out. 

Bonus: I bonded my family today. 7/31/16. I never felt so alive. 

54 days.

Dinner at Gringo, SM The Block

Ever since SM The Block has been renovated, new restaurants came alive. I told myself I will check them one by one. I craved for some baby back ribs and my feet brought me to Gringo. 

If my judgement is right, their concept is a backyard barbecue party with a mexican vibe. Wood palettes, succulents, and metal, what could go wrong?

I ordered the baby back ribs, half rack, with two side dishes (~P365), Chili Con Carne Fries (~P195) as appetizer, and their best seller Tropical Lemonade.

For my side dish, I got buttered corn and garlic rice, wrong move by the way. Mashed potato could have been a better choice. The fries is delicious, the ground beef is sweet while the oil used is savory. Add the mozarella cheese, ugh, I am speechless. 

Take note of the nacho on the side, the salsa was perfection.

The tropical lemonade (photo not here) was refreshing, it’s your lemonade with calamansi. It’s pulpy for most lemonade I have tried, but yeah, ultimate thirst quencher. 

N tried their spiced chicken, I did not photograph his meal but their quarter chicken was huge. I like the dry rub flavor – smoky and tangy.

My only comment about this restaurant is thei limited space. They are promising and people who love mexican flavored barbecue will surely come back. 

Maybe in other malls, their space could be bigger.

Have you tried eating here? 

Weekend Roundabout | Estancia Mall

I worked in Ortigas for seven years and yet I have not gotten the chance to visit Estancia Mall. Luckily (if I am really lucky, huh?) we participated in a weekend bazaar there. The bazaar is something you want to look forward too if, you want to get one of the kind items. I also went there for food.

So when my bff Ferry paid a visit, we decided to try Florabel because of the royal velvet violet couch.


I ordered French Onion Soup and Lechon Kawali with Taro Leaves (Laing). It’s on the pricey side though, but the food is really delicious. Especially the Laing it’s rare for me to like the dish if I do not know who cooked.

After dinner, we had coffee at CBTL until we realized we have our SO waiting for us (sorry loves).


The truth is, days are crazy with my life right now but I am thankful where I am now.

I want to end this post with a good vibe, wondering if I should have brought this succulent.


By the way, I have purchased quirky stuff from the bazaar which I will upload on my other blog as it is more appropriate to be there.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.



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