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Our very own Farmville! (It’s more fun in Laguna)

4 Feb


It’s been four months since we moved to Calamba, Laguna for good. So far I had constant asthma attack maybe because of my transportation from work (Pasig City) going home. Add the very cold climate in our area (We are near Tagaytay) I am pretty sure I will be having more lungs episode with that.

Setting aside my asthma, I enjoy the place, the fact that it is all ours, no more rents. And though I have no social life now, the surrounding is relaxing. I enjoy having no neighbor and the crickets at night.

Last Saturday, I skipped going to Manila just to rest and I went outside to take photos.


I caught this bird outside my bedroom window, sitting quietly on the straw cords that supports our newly planted bamboos.

I decided check out our veggies. In four months they are growing healthy.


We have squash and tomato. Every time we cook we just throw out the seeds, surprisingly it grows.


Pandan Leaves. This one is imported from BF’s backyard I asked his aunt if I could pull out some and thank goodness it didn’t die.


Alugbati. I do not know what is the English term for this, my mom brought this also from manila.


Malunggay or Moringa. The power plant my dad asked his friend to chopped some of the old branches in their backyard and we laid them around our lot perimeter to serve as fence.


String Beans. I forgot to ask my mom where she got this string beans but it’s crawling around the pipe from the roof. (I am pretty bad with terms, I hope you got what I meant Smile with tongue out)


Bitter Gourd. This one is also from our kitchen when we cooked Ampalaya con carne mom threw out the seeds.


Banana. This is not the full grown banana it’s what we call Señorita the small variant of Banana. We have three of these planted as fence also.

We also have onions, Water Spinach, and Camote Tops that I forgot to photographed.

I told my mom to have Bell Peppers, Chili, Eggplant, Okra, Ginger, and other veggies so we do not have to go to the market and buy them (it’s expensive). haha

I am excited for the fruits, especially the squash because it’s big and heavy.

On our front yard we have flowers and other house plants.



I do not know what are they called. Who knows? Please comment below I am curious.


We are planning to get Bermuda Grass once this unknown grasses die. Look at our dog Alex, playing around.

I also practiced taking macro shots manually. (My camera is Canon Powershot S90, outdated but still trustworthy)


No edits except for the watermark.



Please let me know the names of these plants.

My mom took care all these. She’s bored when we are all in Manila for work. She has a green thumb and the soil here is indeed healthy.

You got to see the obese earthworms we have. I will photograph one this weekend.

And of course the naughty Alex never failed to make me laugh. I caught him smelling the flowers. Maybe hunting something to give this Valentine. Open-mouthed smile



Plants and pets are very relaxing. I never regretted any single day that my family moved permanently to Laguna. Besides Ciudad de Calamba will be as famous as Nuvali in Sta. Rosa in years time, Filinvest’s marketing people should be aggressive selling the lots. I am excited for our club house, they haven’t started building it yet because nobody bought any property in Phase 1 yet.

Oh well, I hope we can finish fixing the house in months.

Have a great week ahead!


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Boracay 2012: Preview Post

13 Jun

I am back everyone.


Many people told me that Boracay is overrated. For me it’s still a paradise, it’s my first time here, thanks to my in laws because they accommodated me.

The fact that the place is already a developed island – restaurants, hotels, and other amenities. The place is crowded.


But beneath the busy crowd, the noise, the activities, some part of the place is still serene. You can still find peace while strolling the beach and watching children run and play with the sand.


I had a good time cause I am with my boyfriend. It’s our second out of town together. I really enjoyed swimming this time cause they were no jellyfish and seaweeds. The waves were awesome too.


And of course I never leave beach without a sunset photo. I love taking photos of sunset and sunrise, anything about nature. They have this charisma on camera like babies without movement.

I will separate my blog on food and activities in the next coming days so stay tune and show me some love.



Photo by Sam Lanuza, Canon Powershot S90

Balai sa San Juan, San Juan, Batangas

18 Apr

As promised I will tell the complete story on my recent vacation with my colleagues.

We always go to Batangas because it’s near the Metro and we only go for an overnight stay. The owner of Balai sa San Juan is the owner of Balai sa Anilao as well as Balai sa Laiya (now Acuatico Resort).

We missed the resort by 15 kilometers we almost reach Laiya, which as far as the direction is concern we should have turned left at 6.7 kilometers right after we turned right from the Police Station. The reason behind this was the Arch of each Barangay in the road, the first two arch was present but when we looked for Brgy. Abung it was no longer an arch it was a different type of signage. Plus the resort signage itself is too small for people to notice, not eye-level also. The road was literally narrow but easy to follow. We reached the resort lunch time.

The Scenery

When I entered the property, I said “Oooh Temple Run….” It’s because of the wood bridges and brick walkways.

IMG_1832The place is so quiet, your voice will be echoed all over the place. You can hear the bird chirping the whole day. The sky is very clear.

But yes, there’s a bridge going to the clubhouse and other villas. The place is also a fish pond, they take care of different kinds of fish, I am not sure if they serving it to the guests. haha

They have 22 rooms all in all. The rooms were air conditioned and clean for you to sleep. The bathroom has hot & cold shower, but I didn’t use it cause it’s so hot.

The personnel were very accommodating, all of our requests were granted.

Since we checked in Sunday, we almost owned the place.

IMG_1842 see? Temple Run it is. Big Grin

The Food and Facilities

This is the best part. The food is amazing. Check out my lunch.


I think that was: Yang Chow rice, Inihaw na Liempo, Mixed Veggies. They served soup and Sweet and Sour tilapia (I don’t eat Tilapia, so it’s not in my plate)

Here’s the lunch desert – almond jelly? haha

IMG_1821and the Kapeng Barako


All meals were served buffet style. Their clubhouse looks like a tree house.

IMG_1819 I didn’t took photos of our dinner because I do not know, I was tired singing. hahaha They have a karaoke room.

IMG_1924 They also have a billiard table, chess board, word factory, scrabble, and books if you got tired swimming.


They have complete signage on house rules.


They have foot wash so that no sand will be carried inside the clubhouse.

IMG_1912 This was my second day breakfast.



IMG_1971 IMG_1972 IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1977

I call this breakfast Tosilog: Tocino, Sinangag (Fried Rice), itlog (Egg). Complete with Tuyo (Dried fish), pancakes, bread, and fruits. Looks very yummy right? because it is indeed yummy!

My overall verdict for the food is 5/5. Winking

The Beach

This is the sad part of the place.

IMG_1846 Although the photo shows a very calm view…. The water has JellyfishesCrying

IMG_1847 See the whites and blues swimming in the water? That’s the Jellyfish and it’s near the shore. You cannot swim in the water because of fear.

So we ended up catching them.

IMG_1860  IMG_1849 IMG_1850


Then we headed to the pool instead. The people said that Jellyfishes are seasonal, sometimes they don’t exist, so I guess we were the UNLUCKY ones. haha

So my verdict for the beach is 2/5. Confused

More views

The sunset.

IMG_1876 The poolside.

IMG_1866 The coconut trees.

IMG_1869 The dawn.

IMG_1948.IMG_1939The sunrise.


I took a video of the entire sunrise. I was up around 5 am and waited for it.

IMG_1961 The Chapel.

IMG_1990 More temple run photos.


IMG_1983 The fish pond.

IMG_1989 The flowers.


IMG_1992 My colleagues.

IMG_1904 and me.


Ultimately, if you are looking for retreat I can recommend this place but if you are a beach bum I guess the place is not for you.

It is really more fun in the Philippines.



Photos and post-edits: Sam | Camera used: Canon Powershot s90


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