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[R] Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

26 Jul

Crossfire Series

Crossfire Series by Slyvia Day

After Fifty Shades of Grey? What’s next? There was a list of books all over the web on books similar to it. I tried to stay away but my colleagues posses great persuasion skills and made the copy available.

Crossfire Series is consist of three books – Bared to you, Reflected in you, and Entwined with you.

So how did it go?

Started reading Monday and finished today. Each series is very short 500 to 700 pages on a normal font setting of my iBooks.

The story is about two person who has been a victim of child abuse and survived.

Eva Tramell was raped when she was ten years old. Got pregnant when she was fourteen and experienced miscarriage. Their wealth sealed all the evidence until ten years later.

Gideon Cross was sexually abused by his therapist. His father committed suicide which made him troubled kid and much more troubled during his supposed recovery.

They met when Eva moved in to New York from San Diego. She will start her work in a famous Ad Agency in Manhattan. She bumped in to Gideon while checking out the building she will be working.

They were both describe as very attractive. Eva is blonde with soft gray eyes while Gideon is dark-haired with blue eyes.

They were sexually attracted to one another since they first laid eyes on each other.

Conflicts arise along the story from time to time because of the conflict within the character themselves. Eva is needy, insecure, and clingy while Gideon is controlling.

They were both running away from their past. They had nightmares that is somewhat connected to one another when they sleep together. They have regular therapy session.

Interesting characters were present in the plot too. You will imagine how New York goes every single day. Press was also a freak in here since the characters were public figures.

The characters were both strong.

My favorite part would be the twist about Eva’s rapist. The only problem I met reading between each chapter and series was the transition. Everything was fast and some scenes doesn’t have a background.

Not that it requires to have one. It gave the reader the freedom to imagine the rest of the story. I notice that they were unnecessary scenes. Some confrontation could be done harder so the climax is continuous.

If I were to compare it with fifty shades of grey, I would say this has more story. Fifty shades have too many long F scenes that made me skip some pages while reading it. The only conflict there was the Jack Hyde thing.

Unlike crossfire, it has child abuse, murder, and rehabilitation. Imagine two person with dark past manage to be together. Now that’s intriguing right?

I believe that this series is not yet through there will be two more books after this. I will wait and see how the story goes.

I am not going to spoil anymore.

Who read this series?

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The Invitation by Jude Deveraux

18 Jul

Taking a break from food fellow readers. I hope some of you are bookworms too. I have been searching for this book for a long time and finally I found it.

It’s as if there was a light shining upon this book while I browse the shelves of Book Sale.

I got it for PHP 97.00 only. Most of my novels came from Book Sale. Aside from Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks which I read from eBook only; I do not mind reading random books written by different authors.

In fact Book Sale has best selling authors like Dan Brown, Daniel Steel, John Grisham, Nora Roberts and more; cheaper than brand new but still readable and intact. (I hope the authors name were right Embarrassed smile)

Most of my books were suspense, crime, and romance.

I forgot to take a photo of it last night because I started reading it. I became interested in this book because while I was browsing love quotes web page, this was quoted.

Love, true love, is rare. It doesn’t happen very often most people spend their lives searching for it and never find it.

I am a certified hopeless romantic and I apply some romantic gestures in my real life. Open-mouthed smile

I will finish this book and eventually post  more quotable quotes. Red heart



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Read the book first then watch the movie or vice versa? : The Lucky One a novel by Nicholas Sparks

21 Apr

I got the book from a colleague last Christmas when I shouted that I want a new book. I finished reading it last January 2. I soon heard the news that it’s coming in theaters in April (April 19 to be exact) I was so excited to see the movie because I want to compare whether it will be the same as it is in the book.

Last April 17 friends from Powerbundles (Creative Programs, Inc.) gave a premiere night pass. Woohooo courtesy of Lifestyle Network.

Starring Zac Efron (Logan Thighbault) and Taylor Schilling (Beth Green); of course the movie didn’t started like the book did. The visuals made it more understandable. The flash backs were clear and the whole story was easy to follow.

The movie is about a photo found in the desert after a war in Iraq and Logan thought that Beth is his lucky charm, he should find Beth and thank her.

I am quite confuse now because I don’t know if I’d liked it or not. I like the whole story though.

Is it because I read the book that is why I understood it? I have anticipated every scene.

The ending was twisted (sorry if I am going to spoil some clips). Zeus (the dog) did find Ben not Keith. Haha

It was a feel good movie after all. I do not want to go on details about the movie because some of you might have not seen it yet.

A lot of books were made movie after being a best seller.

So I am leaving you guys a question…

Do you prefer reading the book first then watch the movie or vice versa?



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