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2013 books I finished and lined up for review

10 Jan

I promised last December 2012 that I will read as much books as possible and I am happy that I was able to read a lot. I read a lot of novels to kill time and I also read self-help books for my continuous learning. Here the books I read last year (in random order)

  1. The Best of Me – Nicholas Sparks
  2. Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks
  3. A Bend in the Road – Nicholas Sparks
  4. The Choice – Nicholas Sparks
  5. Fifty Shades Trilogy (3)
  6. Crossfire series (3)
  7. Gabriel’s Inferno (3)
  8. Beautiful Creatures (4)
  9. The Carrie Diaries
  10. Summer and the City
  11. Rush – Maya Banks
  12. Fever – Maya Banks
  13. Burn – Maya Banks
  14. Shatter Me – Tahereth Mafi
  15. Unravel Me – Tahereth Mafi
  16. Destroy Me – Tahereth Mafi
  17. The Fault in our stars – John Green
  18. Aleph – Paulo Coehlo
  19. Veronika Decides to Die – Paulo Coehlo
  20. By the River Piedra, I sat Down and wept – Paulo Coehlo

That’s 29 books!!! I feel so accomplished.

I am currently reading/finishing:

  1. The Devil and Miss Prym - Paulo Coehlo
  2. The Longest Ride – Nicholas Sparks
  3. The Secret – Rhonda Byne

Once a habit always a habit. And because of these I made a new shelf for my babies and I want to write a novel too by joining NaNoWirmo perhaps?

Any suggestions for 2014?

What are the books you read?


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Read the book first then watch the movie or vice versa? : The Lucky One a novel by Nicholas Sparks

21 Apr

I got the book from a colleague last Christmas when I shouted that I want a new book. I finished reading it last January 2. I soon heard the news that it’s coming in theaters in April (April 19 to be exact) I was so excited to see the movie because I want to compare whether it will be the same as it is in the book.

Last April 17 friends from Powerbundles (Creative Programs, Inc.) gave a premiere night pass. Woohooo courtesy of Lifestyle Network.

Starring Zac Efron (Logan Thighbault) and Taylor Schilling (Beth Green); of course the movie didn’t started like the book did. The visuals made it more understandable. The flash backs were clear and the whole story was easy to follow.

The movie is about a photo found in the desert after a war in Iraq and Logan thought that Beth is his lucky charm, he should find Beth and thank her.

I am quite confuse now because I don’t know if I’d liked it or not. I like the whole story though.

Is it because I read the book that is why I understood it? I have anticipated every scene.

The ending was twisted (sorry if I am going to spoil some clips). Zeus (the dog) did find Ben not Keith. Haha

It was a feel good movie after all. I do not want to go on details about the movie because some of you might have not seen it yet.

A lot of books were made movie after being a best seller.

So I am leaving you guys a question…

Do you prefer reading the book first then watch the movie or vice versa?



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