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Makeup Post #6

14 Jul

my friend Kate asked me how did I made this…. Babe told me that I looked like a doll (amazing huh?)


The photo above was 6 hours already (no more concealer see?). I look like a laundry girl early that morning (said my boss)  so I decided to transform at night. Big Grin


Step 1: Mosturize

Step 2: Foundation. I used Revlon Photoready Foundation cause I know I will take a lot of pictures that night.

Step 3: Define your brows. I always use dark brown pencil for my brows, I used Covergirl Eyebrow Pencil here.

Step 4: I applied a pearly white cream eyeshadow as a base on my entire lid and brow bone,

Step 5: Powder Eyeshadow. I used Silver, Gray, and Dark Grey.

Step 6: Blend. Blend. Blend. | I created a shadowy winged also and I line my upper lash line super close to my lashes using a black silicon eyeliner.

Step 7: I used the silver eye shadow to line my lower lash line and my waterline with the black eyeliner.

Step 8: Mascara. Any mascara you want and Falsies. My falsies were from Saizen, It’s not a full eye lashes, it just accentuated the outer corner of my eyes.

Step 9:  Applied bronzer to contour my cheeks, pink blush-on, I contoured my nose too.

Step 10: I used my nude lipstick for this to compliment my dress.


There very simple. I am wearing my lenses cause I do not want to wear my glasses (that I am wearing now Nerd)

Here are the other photos….

Batting Eyelashes my dress was from @itsmechanna her graduation dress.


Hah! I haven’t blogged about my Cebu trip. haha



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Makeup Post #5

10 Jun

My model is my colleague Lyn Santiago. We were talking about make up and we watched you tube vids the other day. After lunch I brought out my things, I was wondering how to open her eyes as we go along because she is chinita.

The result enhanced her natural beauty since she will not go for a party after office.

I also took pictures of her afterwards.

Now take a look. ♥


I used her own foundation (PAC) which she put herself, then I groomed her brows. I did not over do it because I am afraid for a disaster if I trimmed her brows too much.

Next, I put on eye shadow base using ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter. I then put the eye shadow, I used MAC 6 color quad # 4. Pinkish Color for the whole lid then a darker shade on her other V , brown on her crease; Since she’s somewhat monolid I played around making a transparent winged effect. I don’t want to make her more chinita in this case. I highlighted her brow bone afterwards and put a black liquid eyeliner. I lined her waterline with a white pencil and extended it to her inner corner, for instant brightness in her eyes.  I curled her lashes and put mascara, I used Cover Girl Lash Blash, both upper and lower lashes.

For an instant flushed I used Cover Girl Ageless Cream Blush on in Peach and dusted Loreal pink shimmer powder.

For her lips, Lip balm first then a matte lip color, I used Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink. I put a lip gloss over to add shine, I used Loreal 6H Glam Shine is Sweet Forever.



As for the Camera, I used my Canon Powershot S90. My all time favorite camera.

No post editing here, the natural lighting was awesome for this Photo shoot.



My photo shooting style is to talk to them while shooting to achieve a natural happy smile.





Makeup Post #3

17 Jan

So yesterday I was checking my FB and I was talking to my new found friends [Amay & Metchelle] and I decided to make a blog about my make ups. I am not a make up artist [expensive] basically I am just a Mass Comm student and since it is required to look good in front of the camera.

Here are my make ups I accumulated ever since :-D

Legend: [♥] my favorites…


Our skin type varies from one person to another that’s why what I put on my face would not be applicable to someone else.  The general rule we should all follow is to keep our face clean and moisturized. But the climate here in the Philippines is very humid we find it hard to choose the right products for us. If your skin is oily stay away from liquid/mousse/cream type of product it will make your face more oily. Instead use powder based foundation, it can mattify the whole face.  Of course do not forget to moisturize first so it won’t appear cakey. Sunscreen even if there’s no sun, UVB is still present even if the sun is hiding behind the clouds. Make up base, this is optional if you want your foundation to stay longer.

For my face I use : Celeteque Mosturizer / Avon Refined White Make up Base in Mint / Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation [♥] / San-San pot concealer in Olive / In2it dual foundation [♥] CLEANSE : Glycolic Products I got from my Derma :-p my skin is semi oily/dry / Sunblock of course SPF 30 / Maybelline Make up remover

Of course I don’t use this all together. It depends on the coverage that I want.

Never be lazy in cleaning your face, don’t sleep without removing what you put. You’ve been out all day Foundation + Pollution? Gross! haha

CONCEALER TIP: Wand concealer is best to use for under eye circles, Pot Concealers are for obvious blemish. It should be one shade darker than your skin tone.


This is what I bought using my credit card online. I love this matte 78 vanity palette from Doll Face. I am not using this everyday because it takes me years before finishing the look that I want. I am not encouraging you guys to purchase this. I usually use this if I am doing friend’s make up. [♥]

EYESHADOW TIP: The lightest shade is use for highlight and the darker shade for contour. You can always mix and match it depends on your mood.

I have : Doll Face 78 Vanity Palette / Avon Eyeshadow Quad in Sandy Corals [♥] and Fresh Cut greens / ELF Eyeshadow quad in Poison Ivy / Allue Eyeshadow Quad / Shawill 12 Shimmer Eyeshadow [♥]  LINERS/BROW PENCILS: Cover girl perfect blend brow pencil / Revlon Color Stay brow enhancer / ELF under eye concealer and highlighter [♥] / ELF Eye Primer / ELF eyeliner in Pearly white / Nichido Kohl Mineral Eye liner / ELF Waterproof eye liner pen / ELF glimmersticks / Maybelline hyper diamonds metallic liquid liner / EB Cream pot eye liner MASCARAS : ELF Defining & Lengthening Mascara / Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara / Revlon Double Twist Mascara

I love playing with my eyes a lot because it can portray different looks.

If you accentuated your eyes make your lips and cheeks bland, it is like Smokey eyes: nude lips / Red lips : simple eye make up. Conceal your dark circles to make your eye make up vibrant.


I am not a blush fan cause I am having break outs if I use a dirty brush or whatever. I can go out without wearing blush. :-)


I have : Allue gel blush [♥] / ELF Face Whip / San San cheek color / Avon Simply Pretty blush / kabuki brush from Hong Kong


Oooh I just love lip color I spend most of money buying different colors, I already threw some of them.

Above is my latest collection, I am loving matte lipstick now though my lips are often dry I still love the dewy effect on my lips. :-)

LIPSTICK: EB Matte in Skin / EB Matte in Storm [♥] / Sophie J’adore lipstick in Cotton Peach [♥] / Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in Lilac [♥] / EB Extreme Lip Color in 704  / EB Matte in Off beat pink [♥] GLOSS & LINER : Nichido Lip Liner in Rosette / Avon Trendline Lip liner in Brownie / Nivea Pinkish Boost / Maybelline Lip Balm / Nivea Lip Care / Avon Glazewear Liquid lip color / Loreal 6H Glamshine in Sweet Forever [♥] / Mary Kay Signature Nourishine in Cream & Sugar / In2it liquid lip color in vertigo [♥]

Keep your lips hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids. Licking your lips would make it dry faster. Ex foliate using honey and sugar or using an old kiddie toothbrush.

I am targeting to have a HOT PINK lipstick, I saw one from Etude House but it is so expensive. haha


To perfect application you need tools to apply. Though you can use your fingers also basic set of brushes will help your make up application better.

Recently I bought this Charm Travel Set Pro. I love this because of its packaging (the crocodile skin pouch) plus the brushes you need are here. Stippling Brush / Powder Brush / Blush Brush / Concealer Brush / Soft Dome Brush / Crease Brush / Contour Brush / Pencil Brush / Angled Brush / Liner Brush / Brow Brush  / Retractable Liner

I don’t use this if I am doing a friend’s face. That’s  a rule NEVER share your sponges and brushes even though she’s your best friend, her microbes are not your microbes it may lead to break outs.

Wash your brushes once a week. Germs can easily grow whenever, wherever!

The set back of this Charm Brushes is that the Eyeshadow brush sucks, I have to buy a ‘C’ brush from ELF [♥] Other brusher were purchase individually.

For additional appeal I have my false eyelashes and brow stencil.

You can have as much make up as you want, just don’t splurge on Mascara and Lip Gloss because it expires immediately. Instead invest on Foundation and Concealer a flawless face is enough for your everyday routine, a picture ready face. Use make up to accentuate your features, LESS is MORE. As long as you feel good about yourself that inner glow of beauty will sure come out. EAT RIGHT – SLEEP WELL – EXERCISE avoid STRESS.

♥♥We are all beautiful♥♥

Make up Blog #1

15 Dec

I’ve been watching a lot of make up tutorials on you tube lately to get some tips. I cannot do the real tutorial because we don’t have the same products, it’s either not available in the Philippines or expensive. I know I am splurging already on make up but I don’t want to spend all my salary in it.

Anyway, here are some of the make up I did. :D


I want my sister to take a picture of me that night, but my camera went off. >.< I love the new jumpsuit I received from my grandmother, but I still don’t have the shoes for it . It’s super long. ;p here’s the product that I used.


Revlon Photoready Foundation

San San Concealer


Dollface 78 Palette

Liquid Eyeliner (no brand)

Cover Girl Brow Pencil

Revlon Double Twist Mascara


concealer (as nude lipcolor)

Loreal 6H Glamshine

photo and post editing by: ME


not bad right? ^_^


I remember it was TGIF. It is time for dress up and I have a new polo shirt from my granny again. I watched Michelle Phan’s tutorial on Summer make up i think and here’s the result.


San San Concealer

in2it Dual Powder Foundation


Elf Studio Eye Primer

Dollface 78 Palette

Nichido Mineral Eye liner in black

Cover Girl Brow Pencil

Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara


Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Lilac

photo and post editing by: me


my hubby told me that the green eyeshadow as a liner was too loud. (He is really not a fan of my make ups )


TGIF again. I am meeting my bestfriend and the shirt I am wearing again from granny. Everyone in the office was out of town so I decided to paint my face. lol


Revlon Photoready Foundation

San San Conealer


Elf Studio Eye Primer

Dollface 78 Palette

Nichido Mineral Eyeliner

Cover Girl Brow Pencil

Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara


Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off beat pink

Loreal 6H Glamshine Lip Gloss


I took the picture at the bathroom. LOL


It was around 11.30 I think and I want to play blues in my eyes. I bought a new shimmer palette and false eyelashes. I removed all my make up afterwards, I felt sleepy. haha


NONE (can u believe it? I love my camera* only room lighting)


Shawill Shimmer Eyeshadow

Liquid Eye Liner in black (no brand)

Revlon Double Twist Mascara

False Eyelashes


Avon Simply Pretty Blush On


Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Lilac


my dad told me: “Ano ba yan Sarah Marie gabi na nag-gaganyan ka pa!” haha


This was just last Monday, Office Xmas Party. While my bosses are having a meeting I fixed myself at my station. They were amazed. ahahaha


Revlon Photoready Foundation

San San Concealer

In2it Dual Powder Foundation (dry)

Shawill Loose Powder


Elf studio Eye Primer

Dollface 78 Palette

Shawill Shimmer Palette

Elf Eye Widener Liner in Pearly White

Ever Bilena Cream Eye Liner

Cover Girl Brow Liner

Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara

False Eye Lashes

(a lot for that eyes @_@ purple/silver smokey eyes)


Avon Simply Pretty Blush


Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Lilac


It took me an hour to pull off this look and the comment was positive. My hair was inspired by Carah Amelie.


So what do you guys think? Please leave a comment below if I should continue doing this…



P.S. Kinda Lazy to put links for my youtube gurus. will post it soon :)




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