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Boracay Come Back Day 2

5 Jul

My second day was fun filled. We stroll the Boracay sea in a boat while it was raining very hard.

We maneuvered around different islands but since we lacked time we didn’t get off the boat and explore each one.


The clouds were really dark. You can see lightning across the sky and the boat was shaky. I felt like Pi waiting for Richard Parker to come out behind the boat with other animals.

I was not afraid though. All I thought about was having fun with my bosses. We were laughing very hard because we keep on teasing each other.

The rain got harder and we needed to pull over. It was not safe to cross further according to the boat man.

We stopped at the Puka Beach.


I decided to jump off the boat and swim. The rain was like storm but the the waves were calm. The water was warm too.

I felt like a kid screaming while getting under water.


I thank the tech geniuses for making a sports cam – dust proof, shockproof, and waterproof. Great adventures were captured and preserve.

We went back to the shore and continued to swim then went to dinner.

The best things in life are really free.

Better enjoy and savor each moment while you can.

So scream, laugh, and enjoy!

I hope I can come back.


P.S. photos were taken using iPhone will upload more pictures soon.

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One techie summer

3 May

I am pretty sure all your weekends are jam packed as we organize different swimming get together with family and friends. There’s something magical when we bond under the sun.

If you are heading to a beach party soon or you are the person in charge might as well check the items I will be featuring below to add flare by the beach.

If you are party lover and you love dancing by the beach then this Philips Shoqbox is for you. It’s a portable, drop proof, and splash proof Bluetooth speaker which allows you to stream music from afar.


Of course you will get tired and hungry and you need to eat but you are tired to look for a restaurant. Why not cook in the party venue using this Philips AirFryer this airfyer lets you fry without using oil. Meaning the food you’ll enjoy is 80% less fat, you can eat anything you want without feeling guilty.

5 Philips AirFryer HD9220

So you danced and you ate, have you checked your hair? I am sure you did. When you are the beach the best hairstyle for ladies like me would be a beach-y wave. It’s like you just came out of the water and the salt is embedded in your hair and skin.

Luckily, I got my hair permanently curled and I can always strike a beach babe pose whenever. For those who don’t want to have a curly hair do every single day you can just get your self a Philips Hair Curler HP8600. 12 Philips Curler HP8600This curler makes use of a 32mm curling tong with ceramic coating to deliver naturally bouncy curls. It heats up fairly quickly at 60 seconds and is also safe to use with its cool tip.

So there you are all set for your beach party. You have the music, the food, and the looks. All you need to do is to grab your flip flops, you bikinis, cover ups, and your friends, then run to the nearest beach.

Happy Summer to everyone!


Virgin Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas

26 Apr

The time of the year when we dug out our bathing suit and walk through a hot sand. It’s my favorite season – SUMMER.

Last April 21 & 22 we had our company outing. The team was really planning for a Boracay getaway but the decisions were late and the air fare reached the most expensive price ever (just exaggerating, hihi)

So to play safe we chose Laiya, Batangas. We were laughing that we might try all the resort there before trying other regions’ beaches.


Have you ever wondered if there is a beach that is beautiful and picturesque, clean and quiet, yet not too far from Metro Manila? There is such a place. You can find it in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. It’s called VIRGIN BEACH RESORT.

Virgin Beach Resort sits by the shores of Laiya, facing east, adjacent to Sigayan Bay, one of the cleanest bays in the Philippines. The resort has more than a kilometer of pristine white sand beach. Its waters are pure, serene and crystal-clear. The majestic Mount Lobo serves as a tranquil backdrop to its beautiful beachfront. If you are appreciative of such a place, then come and experience Virgin Beach Resort.

I was really wondering if the resort can prove whatever their site claims and the answer is YES.

Since it was Sunday most of the guests were leaving and we are the only group left in the resort. Party smile

We were welcomed by a calm beach. Serene surroundings and a very laid back personnel.


No other decorations just pure beach madness.

We had our lunch when we arrived.


Pandan Gulaman for their welcome drink.


Cucumber Salad. Thumbs upThumbs up


Grilled Chicken Teriyaki and Seafood Au Gautin. Thumbs up


Banana Fritters for dessert. Thumbs upThumbs up

The food package costs Php1600/head which includes Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast. I forgot to photograph our meal each day because I preferred to toast myself under the sun. haha

They were all plated because we are a small group but if you are more 30 pax you can have your food buffet style.

It’s a complete meal because you have salad, soup, main course with two entrees, and dessert. Plus a free flowing Kapeng Barako, you got to love Batangas because of the coffee.

After eating we went to a Parasol near our Villa.


And swim.

Me enjoying the beach.

There were a lot of fish swimming with us.

We saw this popper fish.


I spent my afternoon trying to catch the others but I failed.

We saw five jellyfish swimming with us too.

But compare to Balai sa San Juan, the number of Jellyfish here was tolerable.


And then the sunset.


We headed to the dining area to have dinner.

and I call it a day.

I got up 6AM the next day and took a walk.


See the sunrise?


I took a walk by the beach to enjoy the surroundings.



This is the dining area.

I repeat the place is so peaceful and quiet.


And some cottages.

They divided the area for Day Tour and Overnight stays which was a brilliant idea for me because I don’t want to mingle with groups at the beach.

So selfish of me. haha


The water that morning was crystal clear, though a little rocky. I still enjoyed it and took a snapshot before dipping in the water.

I am such a happy girl.




I love the leaf stepping stone detail in the whole resort. I feel like a frog hopping from leaf to leaf on a pond.


And this tree caught my attention.

I want to climb it but it might break cause I am too heavy. haha


This is there Fan room called Cabana.


With a rope swing outside.


See I am so heavy? haha


I was surrounded by mango trees, can you see the fruit?

Oh it’s time to go.



My Virgin Beach Resort experience was really delightful. I always want a place to escape where I can just feel the water and the wind, forgetting the busy streets of the metro.

I salute how Virgin Beach resort preserved the nature wonders of Laiya. You don’t have to put such gimmicks to make the resort attractive. No need for other facilities and recreational activities, no noise, the place itself is appealing.

If you are somebody like me who enjoys a peaceful place I definitely recommend this resort.

Tip: Go on a Sunday. Thumbs up

To know more about the resort – rates, accommodation and all visit there website at http://www.virginbeachresort.com/ or visit there Facebook 

Enjoy your summer everyone.

Check out our last year getaway here: Balai sa San Juan, Batangas


Camera used: Canon Powershot S90 | HTC Chacha Camera

Boracay 2012: Food Trip Part III (D’Talipapa)

21 Jun

Hooray for the last part of my food escapade in Boracay. I know it’s overdue my day job and the internet is a little demanding. Winking smile

For our last night, we went to D’Talipapa to buy pasalubong and eat dinner as well. The place is an actual market then you will choose from different kitchen to cook for your desired meal.


It’s pretty amazing that fresh fish is available in the market. This one is called Lapu – Lapu. I do not know why it is named after our local hero.

FACT: Lapu-Lapu is the hero who conquered Ferdinand Magellan in Cebu, the period when the Philippines is under the Spanish Colony.


This is called the Parrot Fish or Loro obviously because of the color.

I am proud to say that I know how to buy fresh fish and meat in the market. Party smile

Let’s go to the food we ate.

1. Ensaladang Talong


Mixed of grilled/boiled eggplant, Salted Egg, and Green Mangoes.








2. Grilled Squid


3. Steamed Shrimp


4. Kinilaw na Tanigue


Fresh fish soaked in Vinegar, ginger, garlic, onion, chili (red & green), spring onions. Great for appetizer.





5. Grilled Scallops


6. Sinigang na Isda


I find it hard to explain this dish but it more like a stew but the soup is sour. It’s a very common in the Philippines as comfort food I guess. We used different kinds of vegetables to make the soup sour. The sour the better.




I tell you local food is the best you should try eating here in the Philippines. Travel and good food is the best combination you can experience in your life.

I wanted to travel the world but of course I will tour my own country first and eat.

Until next time,


Boracay 2012: Beach Activities

14 Jun

As promised I will separate each post. So let’s go to the activities we did.


We went island hopping but I was not paying attention to get all the names of the island. All I remember was the Crystal Cave, Crocodile Island, Carabao Island.


Part of the island hopping was the Snorkeling and fish feeding. My photo is still with my sister-in-law Open-mouthed smile I will have a photo album post later this week.

We bought bread and held it underwater and the fish swim one by one to taste the Nutri Buns we brought.

I saw NEMO, sea urchins, and a school of blue fish.

My last snorkel was like a decade ago when I still know how to swim that was in Lemery, Batangas.

I wish I have an underwater camera perhaps making myself a beach bum and invest. Sarcastic smile


This was our boat Php 2,500 for four hours and snorkeling costs Php 400/pax.

We ate lunch after snorkeling.



We ride the ZORB.

That’s me and my boyfriend inside that huge ball. They will put three pails of water when you get inside and then they will close the ball and push you down the hill.

This is an adrenalin rush adventure specially when the ball changed its direction. I was screaming like there’s no tomorrow. Open-mouthed smile



Me and my boyfriend before the Zorb adventure. Just sharing.

Zorb costs Php 300 – 900 per ride depends on the number of person and kind. The have two kinds I think.

AND. If you decide to share the ball with your loved one be sure that your weight difference is less than 20 kilograms or else…. I don’t know what will happen…. Open-mouthed smile



We went to Fairways and Bluewater for the 325 meters zip line.

Another adrenalin rush.


The weight for each rider should AGAIN be fully distributed to prevent accident.


You’ll end up down there.



We finished our Saturday by swimming with the waves.

Next time we will try Parasailing, Helmet Diving, and a lot more.

I need to save up for this. But I want to visit another place next year before going back to Boracay again. Smile

I will post the FOOD adventure tomorrow and more photos. Be right back

Don’t forget to show me some love below my fellow readers it means a lot to me.




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