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BFF Date: Yoshinoya

31 May

This is a late post it’d happen around two weeks ago. My former colleague now my good friend, Mina, asked me if we could meet. It’s been ages since we last bond and how do we spend quality time together?


It’s great that she wants Japanese food too, especially tempura. We at Yoshinoya, SM Megamall.



We ordered the beef tepanyaki set meal, complete with Red Tea, Miso Soup, and coffee jelly.

Look closer.


It’s delicious.

We also ordered Tempura Basket.


I love Japanese cuisine and my only concern regarding the restaurants I visit is the freshness of their ingredients.

Who wants to eat food that is not fresh right?

For the dessert, the coffee jelly, which is also delicious.


The card the is peeking in the photo is I think their discount card. They will stamp the items you purchased when it’s in the list and you’ll get discount afterwards.

Aside from the good food, Mina was the one who paid this dinner, which made the experience more awesome. Open-mouthed smile We forgot to took a photo together as we enjoyed talking. We shopped and talked about our boyfriends that night.

I hope I can meet her more often. Smile

Until my next food date,


BTW, Mina is older than me and in the Philippines we addressed elderly as “Ate Mina” the post will come out if I will keep on typing ate before her name and besides I don’t call her ate anymore. hahaha

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Afternoon Delight: Chocolate con Leche

29 May

Summer just ended here in the Philippines and I find it extremely cold to be raining outside while inside an air conditioned room (my office). This afternoon we decided to buy Pandesal – PAN (bread) – DE – SAL (from almusal or breakfast) and to compliment it, I had this…

IMAG0809Perfect for cold mornings, afternoons, or even nights. I consumed it all before realizing that I want to share this with you. Open-mouthed So no photo available.

We bought everything from Pan de Manila, a store which offers freshly baked pandesal almost 24 hrs and other kinds of bread plus drinks that will compliment them (coffee, chocolate, soya). They even have butters, spreads, marmalades, peanut butter, and more. My favorite is their parsley butter and garlic butter. I will show it to you next time.

How about you? What do you do to keep yourself warm during cold season?



Loner Lunch: Tempura Japanese Grill

24 May

Hey everyone,

I just updated my personal blog and I mentioned that I ate in a Japanese Restaurant alone. Today I am sharing my food trip.

Have you eaten in a restaurant alone? I’ve done so many times and it seems that I enjoy my own company.

I was a little shy to take many photos as the people inside were eyeing on me. Maybe wondering why would I eat in a Japanese Restaurant alone. Surprise I was choosing between Bon Chon, Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak, Pancake House, and Five Cows; it’s hard to choose where to eat when you are very hungry. Am I right? but since I don’t like crowded restaurants, the place caught my attention.

I ordered this.

IMAG0776 Katsudon Bento it’s only Php 208 with 8 oz. Pepsi. I was asking to change the drink to bottomless lemon iced tea but it wasn’t allowed. I do not know why.

Let me describe the verdict of my taste buds.

  • Rice – well cooked for a Jap rice.
  • Veggies – I was surprised that it has pork in it. Usually the veggies are just sautéed in butter.
  • Tempura – Sarcastic the shrimp was not fresh and the tempura batter was harsh on my teeth, overcooked I should say.
  • Katsudon – it was a bit salty for me Eye-rolling but acceptable.

I also ordered California Maki. Party

IMAG0777 I will be disappointed if a Japanese Restaurant failed to make a California Maki, this is delicious, of course it’s my favorite. hahaha

I saw that they have a party assorted sushi plate. I will order that next time for my birthday. haha

I will try their other offering next time.

Who loves Japanese?

Until my next food trip,


Make up Post for Pam :)

21 May

Hey everyone,

I know I already dedicated a site for all my makeup posts but sad to say I still haven’t up the site. Crying (this post will also be published in my BlogSpot and dishysammy)

Oh well my best friend ask me to brainstorm possible makeup look she can wear to a wedding she’ll attend in June. I am killing time yesterday and here’s what I came up with.

IMG_2057a Apologies. I am still on my sleepwear and bed hair. Wink

Here’s the step by step.

  1. Start with a clean face.
  2. Apply Moisturizer.
  3. Apply Makeup Base. I used Avon Solutions Refined White Makeup Base in Green. I like putting makeup base so that my foundation will last the whole day.
  4. Apply Foundation. I used Lola Masquerade Foundation Act II. I used a stippling brush to apply it.
  5. Apply concealer under your eyes, sides of your nose and mouth. I used Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer in Light Medium.
  6. Apply eyelid primer. I used Elf Eye shadow Primer.
  7. Set everything with powder. I used Revlon Photoready Powder in Natural. You can use any loose powder you have.
  8. Let’s go the the eyes.


Apologies for the ugly eyebrows. Embarrassed I used a stencil and turned out to be a disaster. haha

I used the following on my eyes.

  • Revlon Custom Eyes 030
  • Dollface 48 Shimmer Palette
  • Dollface 72 Vanity Palette
  • Revlon Brow Fantasy
  • Revlon Growluscious Mascara
  • Revlon Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • Avon Retractable Eyeliner
  • Demi Lashes from Saizen
  1. I applied a matte baby pink from my Dollface 72 Vanity Palette first as base followed by the pink shimmer shade in my Revlon Custom Eyes 030 on my entire lid.
  2. I applied the purple from Revlon Custom Eyes 030 on my outer V bringing the color to my crease.
  3. Blend. Blend. Blend.
  4. I applied the same purple shadow on my lower lash line, only halfway.
  5. I used a matte white shadow to highlight my brow bone while cleaning harsh line from the purple.
  6. I applied a shimmer pink from my Dollface 48 Shimmer Palette to center of my lid, inner corners of my eyes, and to the other half of my lower lash line.
  7. I lined my upper lash line using a liquid eyeliner and lower water line with a brown eyeliner.
  8. I curled my lashes and put my demi lashes.
  9. I defined my brow.

Going back to the face.

  1. Contour  – cheekbone, jaw line, temples, and nose using a matte bronzer. I used Bodyshop Matte Bronzer. Doing a fish face is best to contour your face correctly.
  2. Apply blush on the apples of your cheek. SMILE. I used Nichido Powder Blush in Tomato.
  3. Highlight. I used Elf Bronzer – Innocence.
  4. Apply Lipstick. I used SanSan Shimmer Lipstick 01 for the carnation pink color.

I changed my lip color into fuchsia for variation. I used Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop.

IMAG0762What do guys think? Show me some love below.

Here are more photos. Smile Taken with my s90 and chacha

Until my next dolled up session,


May Fashion Giveaway

21 May


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Dinner: Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak

18 May

Hey Everyone,

I just want to share my dinner last night. IMAG0725 We often find ourselves dining where it less crowded. I like their unique way of ordering.


IMAG0728 IMAG0727

When you are ready to order all you have to do is to flip this cow shape flip chart. Is this really a flip chart? LOL







We ordered Tuna Salad for our appetizer. It has lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grapes, mangoes, and tuna mayo – it’s a bit salty but the rest were refreshing.

IMAG0729 For main course I had this Pork BBQ Pepper Rice.


It’s just my snapshot from the menu, here’s the actual photo.


When it’s serve follow these steps (the waiter will instruct you and they have a video loop for this LOL three girls were repeatedly dancing about these steps)

Step 1 : TURN

Step 2: MIX (the sauce)

Step 3: SIZZLE

All of their dishes were served with it’s own sauce but you can have the freedom to exchange it, they have 7 other sauces to choose from.

My eating buddy (hubby) ordered the best seller Sizzling Beef Pepper Rice.


We were not talking all the while we were eating, meaning the food was delicious.I want to try the other sauces next time. The meet was well marinated and cooked just right. It was just sizzling hot so be patient before you start to eat.

I will definitely come back.



Taste 5/5

Price 4/5

Ambience 3/5

Service 4/5

Until my next food date,


The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak is located at the 4th floor of Robinson’s Galleria.

Fruit Trip: Atis (Sugar Apple)

17 May

This is the fruit in season in the Philippines now and one of my favorite too. I ate this the other day his aunt gave some ripe Atis to me and she still have a lot so I might eat more when I see her again.

This is very sweet and full of seeds. So you’ll eat it and spit out the seeds. I remember my favorite cartoons Mojacko when I eat this, I wan to shoot all my seeds to the trash can which as far as I know I can’t.

I am excited for my other favorite fruit to be in season this June – Avocado.

What’s your favorite fruit?

Until my next fruit trip,



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